Community Engagement/Service

The PSU Counseling Center offers opportunities for interested students and faculty to get involved with community engagement and service activities to promote mental health and wellness on campus.

The Chemical Health Advisory Team (CHAT)

The Chemical Health Advisory Team (CHAT) is a group on campus that aims to address the AOD issue on campus. The primary function of PSU’s Chemical Health Advisory Team (CHAT) is to provide leadership, visibility, and advocacy for issues related to alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse; prevention; intervention and recovery; and to develop effective and coordinated policies to address these issues.

Current Goals for CHAT:

Policy Development and Review

  • Recommend, review, and educate about alcohol and other drug policies that have an impact on PSU students.

Program Facilitation

  • Encourage and support substance abuse prevention and treatment programs on campus and in the PSU community.


  • Develop and administer evaluation instruments to provide an ongoing source of descriptive data regarding alcohol, tobacco and other drug use rates to drive program and policy development.

If you are interested in joining the team, please call Nancy Dyer at (603) 535-2461.

For more information or to make an appointment:

Call us at (603) 535-2461