Early Childhood Student Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to assist Early Childhood students in their daily work at the Center. Please feel free to contribute your suggestions and ideas and to ask questions about any areas that may not appear clear. Your input is welcome.

Please read this handbook carefully. You are responsible for the information contained inside. You will need to complete a form at the end of this handbook which states that you have read, understand, and will be held responsible for all policies and procedures.

Karen Sanders

Important Phone Numbers
Mission and Philosophy
CYCF Administration and Staff
Plymouth State Students and the CYCF
Before You Begin
Absensces and Lateness
Personal Belongings
Responsibilities and Supervision
General Expectations
Guidelines for University Students in the CYCF
Greeting Children
Responsibilities During Small Group Time
Snacks and Lunches
Communication with Families
Children’s Health
Other Health Notes
Video Watching
Playground Supervision
Releasing Children
Accidents and Injuries Involving Children
Severe Weather Policy
Fire Drill Procedures
University Holidays
Phone Calls
If You Are injured At Work
Days Off Policy

You may also download the Early Childhood Student Handbook (PDF)

The Plymouth State University Center for Young Children and Families is licensed by the State of New Hampshire and is accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. This national accreditation recognizes and honors early childhood programs of high quality. Only seven percent of programs nationwide have achieved this honor. The CYCF is part of the Plymouth State University Education Early Childhood Studies Department and is a training facility for early childhood and child development students. The Center is viewed as an academic laboratory program for Plymouth State students.