Vending Services


With over 35 vending locations across campus, late night munchies are no problem. All vending machines accept cash and BOARD FlexCash and CAMPUS FlexCash.

Vending Machine Locations

Vending at the Hartman Union Building
Vending at the Hartman Union Building
  • Blair Residence Hall (Beverage, Snack)
  • Boyd Science Center (Beverage, Snack)
  • Center Lodge (Beverage, Snack)
  • Grafton Residence Hall (Beverage, Snack)
  • Hartman Union Building (Beverage, Snack)
  • Hyde Hall (Beverage, Snack)
  • Ice Arena (Beverage, Snack)
  • Langdon Woods Residential Complex (Beverage, Snack)
  • Mary Lyon Residence Hall (Beverage, Snack)
  • PE Center (Beverage, Snack)
  • Pemi Residence Hall (Beverage, Snack)
  • Prospect Hall (Snack)
  • Silver Center for the Arts (Beverage)
  • Smith Residence Hall (Beverage, Snack)
  • Speare Administration Building (Beverage)
  • ALLWell North

Summer Vending

Vending is available all summer, however volume goes way down and products have a hard time outliving their expiration dates. Machines are filled at a minimum and are serviced less frequently. If any machine is out of stock or has expired products, please call Sodexo at (603) 535-2710 immediately. In addition, chocolate melts in the machines during the summer months so a lot of the candy bars are not available.