Multicultural Heritage Book Talk

“We need to learn to cherish our racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious differences. When we read literature that reflects those differences, we see the world through another’s eyes. As we learn more about each other we appreciate our international family.” B. Cullinan

This project is designed to help you appreciate and investigate your “roots” and the ways in which children’s literature can help to portray some of the beliefs, customs and lifestyles of different cultures. Each of us will search for a children’s book that is representative of a country or culture that is part of our family background. The book can be fiction or nonfiction, a picture book or novel.

You will prepare a short (2 min.) book talk to share with the class. The book may represent only one part or all of your cultural background. In addition to the talk you will prepare a small poster to be displayed in class. This way we will be able to have a sense of the diversity in our own class.


A. Prepare a few minutes talk for the class; bring book.
B. Display Poster (SMALL 9×12) should include:

  • Your name and section number
  • Book Title and author (this can be a photo copy of the actual cover)
  • Short bio of your family history (include all cultures)
  • Brief summary of the book
  • Any other illustrations, maps, designs, etc. that depict your culture

Make sure these are attractive and carefully constructed.  They will be displayed. Check spelling and information for accuracy.