Francis Williams

Birthplace: Warrenton, North Carolina

Relationship to PSU:

Associate Professor, Criminal Justice

Personal and professional areas of interest:

Some of my areas of expertise are with law enforcement (police community -relations); law enforcement strategies (dealing with issues of victimless crimes on the internet (cybercrime) and disadvantaged groups; prevention programs; race, crime and justice; online learning. I am most interested in how law enforcement strategies effect disadvantaged groups particularly the effects neighborhoods in lower socioeconomic communities.

Goals and visions about diversity at PSU?

To me diversity is a key component of higher education regardless of where you study. Up here in the mountains of New Hampshire it is clear that diversity, no matter how you define the word, is a difficult balance to achieve. Part of the challenge for PSU is to make this environment a comfortable one for a diverse population. Considering the lack of a diverse community, one that supports commonalities like similar peoples, lifestyles, places to go, ethnic products, etc., for diverse peoples in this area that is a huge task. I think if the foundation of that diverse environment can be created here, at an institution of higher learning, than the structure can be put in place. By a foundation I mean a welcoming, helping, awareness that permeates all we do. It cannot and will not be perfect but it must be a done through commitment and continued assessment.