Barbara Dearborn Club

Honoring gifts of $1,000-$2,499

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Anonymous (2)
David D. and Elizabeth Allan
Roger O. Babin ‘74 and Kathryn Scalzo-Babin ‘92
Stephen P. and Gail A. Barba
Jeffrey C. Barton ‘82 and Elyse Baney-Barton ‘82
Mark E. Bates ‘75*
Alex L. Battaglino ‘10
Adam G. Beliveau
William and Christy Belvin
Eric A. Benn
Christopher T. ‘86 and Diane E. Benoit
Jeffrey D. Boynton ‘10
Bonnie W. Breen-Wagner ‘72
Tad W. Brown ‘10
Sylvia Bryant and David Bruno
Robert and Karen Buckley
Friends of Matt Budrow
Doreen J. Burrows ‘09
Emily S. Burwen ‘10

C-D: Back to Top
Kayla A. Callahan
Mary E. Campbell ‘91
Jessica L. Cardow
Erin A. Carlson ‘10
Ryan S. Carr ‘00
Donald M. Carrier ‘78
Dean J. Cashman ‘10
Kristopher R. Cere ‘10
Frank L. ‘92 and Tamara Hester Cocchiarella ‘07*
Peter S. Cofran ‘74, ‘88*
Joan C. Cook ‘69 and Stephen A. Canders*
Derek S. Crooks ‘10
Dave Cushman
George E. Dagher ‘10
William A. and Linda S. Dauer ‘10
Ryan J. Dawson ‘10
Dennis C. Dearborn ‘56*
Mitzi Dearborn and Ernest May
Kyle P. Donovan
Oliver Drerup
Shane M. Dudash ‘10

E-F-G-H: Back to Top
Steven D. Epstein ‘89
John and Donna S. Fallon
Thomas M. Fitzmaurice
Caleigh J. Flynn ‘10
Allan W. and Judy T. Fulkerson
Annie M. Gagne ‘10
James L. and Donna-Belle Garvin
Heather L. Gauthier ‘10
Sally E. Gavin ‘67*
Victor and Mary-Catherine C. Gennaro
Dewey J. ‘88 and Stacy Brabitz Gile ‘90
Irvin D. Gordon
Rob and Cathy Gordon
Peter F. ‘58 and Jody Graham*
Kaitlin M. Hall ‘10
Robert A. and Linda A. Hammond ‘10
June Hammond Rowan ‘10 and Peter D. Rowan ‘04
John M. and Elizabeth H. Hart
Derek W. Holland ‘93
Chester E. Homer III
John F. Hoonhout ‘10
William T. Horan Jr. ‘10

J-K-L: Back to Top
Craig M. Johnson ‘10
Hope A. Jordan ‘09
Lauren C. Joyce ‘10
Margaret A. Joyce
Andrew W. Kerr ‘81
Roberta Beaudoin Lamb ‘82*
Arthur J. ‘67 and Janet Fagnant Learned ‘66*
Stephen R. Lee
Kristin A. Lewis ‘10
Andrew E. and Donna M. Lietz
Michael J. Long ‘75
Sidney Lovett

M-N: Back to Top
Anthony C. Macri ‘10
Amanda J. Maloney ‘10
Michelle D. Marsh ‘10
Eugene P. Martin ‘09
Carla J. Maslakowski ‘00
Rachel A. Matsil ‘10
Michael Maziarz ‘10
David B. ‘69, ‘73 and Kathleen Collins McCabe ‘69, ‘87, ‘01*
James R. McGuire ‘10
P. Andrews and Linda H. McLane
Edgar R. ‘68 and Joyce H. Melanson
Elaine D. Mello ‘10
Kristen H. Miller ‘10
Dana E. Mohrlein ‘10
Frank H. Moore ‘86
AnnMarie and Glen Morse
Scott M. Nalette ‘05
Holly R. Nelsen ‘10

O-P-R: Back to Top
Laurianne M. Olcott ‘91
Marion Fellows Patterson ‘71*
Melissa A. Pintauro
Joseph D. Pipitone II ‘10
Teresa L. Potter
David A. ‘85 and Monica B. Poulin
Ravida K. and the late Nathaniel Preston
Corinne J. Provost ‘10
Nancy J. Puglisi ‘81 and Sandra L. Ray*
Harmony L. Reid
Eric M. Rheaume ‘10
Dana J. Robert
Sean D. ‘89 and Linda M. Ryan

S-Z: Back to Top
Ronald and Eleesa M. Sibley
Alexander J. Smith
Austin W. ‘79 and Deborah Connors Smith ‘79*
Molly A. Smith ‘10
George R. Soares ‘91
Thomas and Susan C. Stepp
Amy C. Stolting
Joni B. ‘82 and Herbert F. Stover Jr.
Amanda L. Tanguay ‘10
James and Linda Tuscano
Henry E. Vittum ‘48*
Gordon M. and Barbara Demmett Webb ‘65*
Tamara E. White ‘10
John M. Wiblyi Jr. and Beth Camp
Jonathan W. Williams ‘10
Barbara A. Wirth ‘09
John A. and Patricia A. Worthen
Stacey G. Yap and Peng-Khuan Chong
Harold David Zehr and BJ Foster-Zehr