Platinum Level

Honoring gifts of $500-$999

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Anonymous (2)
Bruce A. Adams ‘93
Joseph C. Amorosino ‘61
David W. ‘67 and Linda Goldsmith Anderson ‘70*
Paul J. Ardizzoni
Norton R. Bagley ‘41*
Clarence W. ‘60, ‘66 and M. Eugenia McKeever Bailey ‘79*
Gino J. and Cheryl L. Baroni
Thomas H. and Jennifer S. Berry
Randall S. Block
Richard A. ‘75 and Judith Hessler Blood ‘84*
Ruth Gilman Bolduc ‘46*
Robert J. ‘96 and Tracey Chamberlain Boucher ‘94
Tawnya Breaux
Gerard E. Buteau ‘86, ‘92
Thomas P. Cassese ‘75, ‘84
Elizabeth W. Cheney ‘89, ‘99 and Ann E. Thurston ‘80, ‘00*
John P. ‘71, ‘73 and Maureen Marquis Clark ‘73*
David R. Coffman
Joyce Callaghan Cooper ‘74
William R. Crangle and Lee Webster
Ronald W. ‘62 and Priscilla Crowe*
Irene M. Cucina

D-J: Back to Top
John L. ‘67 and Kathleen M. Daly*
Linda Dauer ’10G
Ross and Nancy S. Deachman ‘96
Virginia Brown Doherty ‘48*
John T. Downs
Arthur A. Jr. ‘71 and Michele Clancy Dunn ‘74*
Richard C. ‘64 and Susan C. Evans*
Richard A. Fagnant ‘57*
Eugene D. and Barbara Brennan Fahey ‘77*
Steven R. Fay ‘73
Bob Fletcher
Stephen H. Gorin and Cynthia D. Moniz
Virginia M. Hallisey ‘46*
Philip C. Haskell ‘81 and Terri L. Johnson ‘79
Paul T. Hogan ‘79, ‘88*
Paul J. Jr. and Anna Grace Holloway
Richard C. Holt ‘70*
Edward M. and Marguerite Jeffs
Richard P. Jones ‘69*

K-L: Back to Top
Suzanne Keach
Joseph D. Sr. and Mary Ann Kelliher
Joseph D. Kelliher Jr. ‘92
Walter Kelly ‘80*
Edmund ‘82 and Nancy Holly Kidder ‘84
William D. Kietzman
Randy and Ronda Whitehead Kilanowski ‘85
Jeffrey S. ‘87 and Linda Essenberg Kipperman ‘92
Alfred R. Laberge ‘73
Tobey R. ‘74 and Lucy A. Leske*
Linda S. Levy ‘04
Lisa Carafa Lewis ‘98
Patricia L. Lindberg
Joanne Smith Lockwood ‘80, ‘86*
Eleanor Morehouse Loesch ‘65*
John M. Lund ‘84

M-P: Back to Top
Bernard J. McCarthy ‘71, ‘74*
David and Gail F. Mears ‘76
Robert S. Miller
Alfred W. and Joan M. Morabito
Rebecca S. and Timothy T. More
William K. and Sherry A. Nelson
Kathleen Norris ‘98
Mark J. and Marla J. Okrant
Stephen Onuparik
Theodore J. ‘60 and Marlene Newton Parker ‘63
Kevin M. Pellon ‘95
Heidi E. Pettigrew ‘99, ‘07 and Paula A. Currie
Jeffrey N. Plant ‘72*
Gina R. Poisson ‘94, ‘10

S-Z: Back to Top
William H. ‘61 and Joyce M. Savage*
Andrea Bergeron Sbona ‘81
Jacqueline Smith ‘66
Craig A. Souza ‘87
Gene F. ‘62 and Roberta Wallace Stearns ‘61*
Joseph G. ‘63 and Marilyn Krieger Stearns ‘71
Christine Coffman Sullivan ‘79
Stephen J. Taksar and Laure A. Morris
Vladimir ‘04 and Cynthia W. Vascak
Patricia Visich
William and Bonnie Webb
Kenneth Wheeler Jr.
Darryll K. White ‘82
Albert W. Wilson ‘52*
Richard E. ‘63 and Mary Bateman Wylie ‘64*