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* = 20 Years of Giving
# = Heritage Society Member

University Club
Ryan S. Carr

Barbara Dearborn Club
Carla J. Maslakowski

Gold Level
Bruce W. Wiggett Jr.
Janette Trickett Wiggett

Sterling Level
Sarah Greeley
Erica J. Howard
Christin L. Perruzzi
Jason C. Shafer
Bryan A. Sinatro

Tower Level
Keith E. Fiore
Alicia A. Patten

Kandace L. Culver
Julie Barth LeBlanc
Daniel K. Reitz

Platinum Level
Pearl A. Sandy

Gold Level
Scott M. Curran
Domenica A. Medaglia-Brown
Roxana Wright

Sterling Level
Ricky D. Desharnais
Jennifer L. Moulton
Minot Powers IV
Ryan B. Rush

Tower Level
Courtney O’Sullivan Preneta
Lisa Jones Wallace

Joseph W. Fishwick
Peggy C. Horton
Carolyn Massey

Gold Level
James A. Stacy

Sterling Level
Dennis J. Borcuk Jr.
Karla J. Conroy
Matthew B. Ellinger
Richard H. Saucier Jr.
Cory Skillin
Garry W. Thomson
Scott A. Wearley

Tower Level
Holly A. Furlone

Susan I. Chauvette
Anthony M. Egan
James A. House
Tamara Waters House

Sterling Level
Michael R. Kalbfell
Ichiro Kitano

Tower Level
Jeffrey C. Furlone
Christine Michels Hanc
Zachary M. Hillman
Laurie J. Reed

Robert E. Ball III
Charles A. Caldwell
Mary-Jo Gessner
Aimee K. Lee
Heather Carson Regan

Platinum Level
Angel A. Ekstrom

Gold Level
Linda S. Levy
Liesl M. Lindley
Vladimir Vascak

Sterling Level
Peter D. Rowan
Katelyn Olsen Saucier

Tower Level
Courtney Nolan Carlton
Peter J. Gardner
Daniel W. O’Halloran
Christina L. Paradis

Brian S. Luce
Ryan M. Luczynski
Katie Henry MacKenzie
Ashley Walker Moffitt
Lindsay C. Weeden
Linda A. Wirth

Barbara Dearborn Club
Scott M. Nalette

Platinum Level
Roger E. Blake

Sterling Level
Patrick F. Cate
Jennifer L. MacDonald
Joseph G. Mattson
Courtney J. O’Clair

Tower Level
Susan M. Laverack
Barbara J. Tsiaras

Cheyanne E. Bacon
Zacariah K. Derby
Marie L. Favaloro
Christopher M. Lee
Alina J. McGinty
Christopher P. Thompson
Devin P. Zeman

Sterling Level
Scott D. Begalle
Kevin W. Boutilier
Mary K. Desharnais

Tower Level
Sean F. Corey
Christopher E. Ladd

Christine M. Barss
Jennifer J. Buonomo
Karen A. Durant
Laura A. Ellis
Annette Beaudoin Therrien

Gold Level
David S. Pratt
Crystal A. Rousseau

Sterling Level
Rebecca L. Begalle
Bryan S. Biederman
Rachel M. Hersey
Jessica M. Sayers

Tower Level
Daniel J. Fallon
Michael W. Sullivan

Nathaniel E. Baechtold
Lyndsey T. Grant
Timothy G. Haroutunian
Shannon K. Hayward
Michael E. Horton
Ryan B. Seaver
Brian D. Waters

Barbara Dearborn Club
Scott M. Gillman

Gold Level
Robert J. Wright

Sterling Level
Kim M. Bownes
Ryan J. Dobens
Donald L. Lewis III

Gabrielle D. Baechtold
Lauren E. Foxall
Brandon M. Hodge
Christen A. Lawn

Platinum Level
Rodney A. Ekstrom

Gold Level
Cynthia L. Mongeon

Sterling Level
Doreen J. Burrows
Hope A. Jordan
Eugene P. Martin
Barbara A. Wirth

Tower Level
Kristen A. Beadon
Liani L. Perez-Moscoso
Sylvia A. Sink

Bethany Rice Longe

Every effort is made to ensure accuracy in the honor rolls. If your name has been omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apologies and bring the error to our attention by contacting Kit Otto, University Advancement Office, at kito@plymouth.edu, (603) 535-2589, or (800) 772-2620.