Gold Level


* = 20 Years of Giving
# = Heritage Society Member

Anonymous (1)
Stephen R. Ames
Steven J. Avedisian ’86
Norton R. Bagley ’41*
James R. Balestraci ’89
Kevin F. Barrett
Grace M. Bartlett ’74
William and Christy Belvin#
Christopher T. ’86 and Diane E. Benoit
David M. Bergeron ’79G
Ruth Gilman Bolduc ’46*
Robert J. ’96 and Tracey Chamberlain Boucher ’94
Henry L. Bremner ’50*
Lawrence H. Brewster
Harry H. Briggs
Peter Brown ’52*
William J. Campbell ’65*
Patricia A. Cantor ’90G
Charles B. Caulkins ’85
Ann Petrozzi Chiappinelli ’81
Shirley Crewe Cobb ’59*
Kenneth B. ’78 and Jamie Burton Cody ’79*
Michael J. Corey ’74*
William R. Crangle and Lee Webster
Paul T. ’62 and Barbara Dyer Cullen ’62*
Scott M. Curran ’01
William and Nancy D. Dailey
Kevin A. Danie ’84
William A. and Linda S. Dauer ’10G
Nicholas A. Davidge
Peter J. Dill ’81
Natalie Motowylak Dobrowolski ’68
Elizabeth Potter Drew ’53*
Anna Hill Duke ’62*
Richard C. ’64 and Susan C. Evans*
Scott R. Evans ’88
Ralph V. Fabisiak ’52*
John P. Fahey ’62
Kera M. Feeley ’73*
Lorilee R. Fish ’68
Ronald C. Fisher ’88
William P. Foye ’90
Thomas P. Frizzell ’67*
Richard A. Garabedian ’62*
Susan L. Garand ’93
Dewey J. ’88 and Stacy Brabitz Gile ’90
Shirley J. Glaze
Gary E. and Lynn Goodnough ’98G
Sylvia Hodge Goodrum ’62*
Patricia Stopkie Gosselin ’64*
Thomas J. ’81 and Nancy Blakney Gravina ’82*
Norma Woodard Green ’59*
Thaddeus C. Guldbrandsen
Robert A. and Linda A. Hammond ’10G
Philip C. Haskell ’81 and Terri L. Johnson ’79
Robert M. and Sandra E. Hennessy
Paul R. Higgins ’89G
Joseph W. Hogan ’36
Nancy Hogan
Stephen E. ’73 and Geri T. Holdsworth*
Bryan F. ’81 and Beth Ellen Hopkins ’85
Peter Hourihan
Whitney B. Howarth
Thomas W. Hoyt
Richard W. and Anne W. Hunnewell*
Gardner M. Hurlburt ’66*
Diane Jeffrey ’97
Anne M. Jung
Dorothy Goode Kaffel ’52#
Theodora J. Kalikow
Suzanne Keach
Timothy C. ’79G and Susan M. Keefe ’81G*
Patricia Spencer Kelley ’73*
John Kelliher
Joseph D. Sr. and Mary Ann Kelliher
Thomas A. Kidder ’67*
William D. Kietzman
Stephen M. King ’86
John C. Krueckeberg and Mary M. Cornish
Bruce H. Lambert ’81
Peter L. Land ’84, ’90G*
Mark D. Legacy
Carl P. Lehner
Terri J. Lessard ’76, ’96G*
Kristine M. Levan
Linda S. Levy ’04CAGS
Virginia S. Liddel
Carl C. Liebert
Liesl M. Lindley ’04CAGS
John W. ’62 and Marie Daileanes MacArthur ’67
Katherine Marcotte MacDonald ’53*
Bernard L. ’65 and Charlotte L. Mason*
Harold H. ’52 and Barbara Hoyt Matava ’50*
Frank Mauran IV
David H. McBride
Bernard J. McCarthy ’71, ’74G*
James McDonald Jr. ’92
Rita Devost McDonough ’62*
Edward A. McGrath
Dennis P. ’73 and Deborah S. McManus ’82
Domenica A. Medaglia-Brown ’01
Peter J. Micioni
Chris and Cynthia L. Mongeon ’09, ’11G
Claira Pirozzi Monier ’62*#
Rebecca S. and Timothy T. More
Dorothy Donigian Nazarian ’62*
Dana P. ’69 and Lee Richman Nelson ’72*
Rita LaPlante Norander ’62*
Sheila Linehan Nudd ’69*
Alice S. O’Connor
A. Neill Osgood II ’87
Filiz Otucu
Robyn E. Parker
Seth M. Peloso ’99
The late Marjorie Martin Peterson ’42*
Frederick W. Phinney
Debra Gagnon Picerne ’79
James A. ’82 and Denise Jewett Pike ’83
Richard C. Pollock ’66
Kevin F. Pond ’79
Sophie Potter
David S. Pratt ’07
Gaynelle Richardson Pratt ’71*
Lawrence H. Presby ’58
Philip Preston
PSU Advancement Office Staff
Mary L. Rafferty
Peter Rayno ’69*
Nereida S. Rivera-Acevedo ’88
Crystal A. Rousseau ’07
Joseph J. Saltalamacchia
June L. Schlabach
Warren and Leslie Schomaker
Kurt A. Schroeder and Elaine L. Melquist
Sheryl L. Shirley and Robert Heiner
Aaron Sinay ’93
Francis C. and Donna Slaski
Jacqueline Smith ’66
Jennifer L. Snyder
Dorothy Slack Sorensen ’53*
Paul and Valerie A. Soucie
James A. Stacy ’02
Alice E. Stiles ’72*
Charles W. Still ’78
Melissa A. Stockbridge ’99
Timothy J. ’81 and Robin Black Sullivan ’83
Andrew Supplee
Steven L. Sweedler*
Joan M. Tambling ’83G*
Bryant F. Tolles Jr.
Darlene Sholik Trainor ’86
Anthony M. Trodella
Vladimir ’04G and Cynthia W. Vascak
Donna G. Ventura
Robert G. Walsh
Angela Weisl
Louise Martell Welch ’72
Laurie Wenzel-Whitley ’75 and Douglas C. Whitley ’75*
Gordon W. Whitcher ’61
Bruce W. Jr. ’00 and Janette Trickett Wiggett ’00
Francis M. Williams
Michael C. ’88 and Tricia Witherspoon
Robert J. ’08G and Roxana Wright ’01G
Richard E. ’63 and Mary Bateman Wylie ’64*#
Anthony G. Zographos ’70*

Every effort is made to ensure accuracy in the honor rolls. If your name has been omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apologies and bring the error to our attention by contacting Kit Otto, University Advancement Office, at, (603) 535-2589, or (800) 772-2620.