Platinum Level

Honoring gifts of $500-$999

* = 20 Years of Giving
# = Heritage Society Member

Anonymous (3)
Howard Amidon and Lisa Tellekson
Joseph C. Amorosino ’61
David W. ’67 and Linda Goldsmith Anderson ’70*
William G. ’62 and Sharon Langlois Andrews ’62*
Louis J. and Cathy J. Annunciata
Clarence W. ’60, ’66G and M. Eugenia McKeever Bailey ’79*
Jeffrey C. Barton ’82 and Elyse Baney-Barton ’82
J. Gerald Bateman ’66 and family*
Kathleen M. Bateman ’95
Patrick Bateman
Roger E. Blake ’05G
Raymond N. Blanchette ’57
Richard A. ’75 and Judith Hessler Blood ’84G*
Trent E. Boggess
Janet C. Boisvert
Richard J. ’94 and Jennifer Brenner
Friends of Matt Budrow ’05
Thomas P. Cassese ’75, ’84G
Tami-Lynne Chevalier ’90
John P. ’71, ’73G and Maureen Marquis Clark ’73*
Carol Hurst Connolly ’81
Woolsey and Beatrice K. Conover
Joyce Callaghan Cooper ’74
Scott R. Coykendall
Lance Cramer
Susan Bateman Crockett ’90
Ronald W. ’62 and Priscilla Crowe*
Thomas W. and Sally M. Daigneault
John L. ’67 and Kathleen M. Daly*#
George E. Davis ’63*
Joseph P. Davock ’62*
Daisy Hussey Day ’52*#
Virginia Brown Doherty ’48*#
Frances McGrath Dolloph ’70*
The late Maynard W. Dow
John T. Downs
Rodney A. ’09G and Angel A. Ekstrom ’04CAGS
Richard A. Fagnant ’57*
Alfred N. and Bertha H. Fauver#
Dwight C. and Alison Fischer
David H. Frobey
Michael R. ’73, ’76G and Janice Lamere Gallagher ’74*
James L. and Donna-Belle Garvin
K. Hridaya Hall
Dick and Sandra Hamilton
Robert B. Jr. and Christie Hedges
Lance D. Hill ’95
Debra J. Holcomb ’92 and Dale P. Ashlock#
Paul J. Jr. and Anna Grace Holloway
Alan F. and Jourdan Houston
Donald G. Janelle
Edward M. and Marguerite Jeffs
Walter Kelly ’80*
Andrew W. Kerr ’81
Timothy L. Kershner
Harry S. and Sarah A. Kinter
Alfred R. Laberge ’73
Catherine F. LeBlanc
Tobey R. ’74 and Lucy Apthorp Leske*
Lisa Carafa Lewis ’98, ’12G
Patricia L. Lindberg
Eleanor Morehouse Loesch ’65*
Anne R. Lovett and Stephen G. Woodsum
Sidney Lovett
R T. and Barbara J. McCahan
Duncan C. and Shirley K. McDougall ’94G
Kathryn Stratton Morris ’61*
William K. Nelson
John W. and Anne H. Newton
Kathleen Norris ’98CAGS
Theodore J. ’60 and Marlene Newton Parker ’63
Heidi E. Pettigrew ’99, ’07G, ’11CAGS and Paula A. Currie
Jeffrey N. Plant ’72*
PSU Faculty
PSUAA Board of Directors
Timothy J. and Noreen A. Quill
Leo R. and Pearl A. Sandy ’01CAGS
William H. ’61 and Joyce M. Savage*
Andrea J. Sbona ’81
John W. Small and Philip Marcus
Craig A. Souza ’87*#
Gene F. ’62 and Roberta Wallace Stearns ’61*#
Joseph G. ’63 and Marilyn Krieger Stearns ’71
Beth E. Stewart ’76*
Daniel J. ’83 and Patricia A. Sullivan ’82, ’12G
Wendy and Christopher Thayer
William J. Tirone ’72, ’81G*
Jack Tracy
George F. Tuthill
Wayne and Lynne Ulaky
William and Bonnie Webb
Kenneth Wheeler Jr.
Mary Zaremba
Harold David Zehr and BJ Foster-Zehr

Every effort is made to ensure accuracy in the honor rolls. If your name has been omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apologies and bring the error to our attention by contacting Kit Otto, University Advancement Office, at, (603) 535-2589, or (800) 772-2620.