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* = 20 Years of Giving
# = Heritage Society Member


Timothy D. Allan
Jonathan R. Allen
Michael D. Beattie
Stephen A. Bobin
Justin G. Bourque
Michael R. Chergey
Susan Cowell
Caitlin E. Damberg-Mauser
Linda S. Dauer
William J. Flynn
Dorothy W. Frazier
William B. Gurney
Linda A. Hammond
Austen C. Hannis
William T. Horan Jr.
James D. Johnson
Nataniel S. Kotlyar
Suzanne Lee
Beth E. Lynch
Brent W. Lyons
Colleen A. Mahoney
Cynthia J. Pytel
Patricia G. Severance
Derick K. Smith
Patricia Thibeault
Diana M. Tunnell
Brett T. Zebrowski

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Anonymous (3)
Justin K. Barnum
Gale Beckwith
Jake T. Curtin
Harry J. Fallon
Christopher M. Francher Jr.
Michelle Fuller
Samuel A. Graves
Nicholas J. Greenwood
Michael D. Hatem
Amanda L. Kania
Joyce C. Larson
Benjamin T. Lord
Charles J. Margossian
Margaret R. McAllister
Michael F. Moody
AnnMarie Morse
Ermira Nakuci
Travis R. Nevins
Greggory B. Oberg
Erin A. O’Connell
Brittney M. Peterson
Adam T. Radloff
Mitchell J. Shortell
Angela Pellegrino Warn
Erin M. Warren

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Anonymous (1)
Savannah E. Fitzpatrick
Allison M. Luisi
Karen J. McDonough
Amanda L. Piette
Lisa M. Rixen
Kathleen A. Ryan
Samuel D. Wisel

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Anonymous (2)
Patrick J. Burke
Peter F. Concannon
Mark E. Dunham
PSU Advancement Office Student Callers
Ellen G. Skonberg
Peter K. VanWinkle

Every effort is made to ensure accuracy in the honor rolls. If your name has been omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, please accept our apologies and bring the error to our attention by contacting Kit Otto, University Advancement Office, at kito@plymouth.edu, (603) 535-2589, or (800) 772-2620.