Diversity Framework for Teacher Education at Plymouth State University

In order to teach effectively and ensure student learning in a democratic and pluralistic society, each teacher education candidate at Plymouth State University, by the conclusion of his or her program, will have developed the ability to:

  1. describe culture as a multifaceted and dynamic construct
  2. critically examine his or her own sociocultural positions and understand the ways in which background and experiences shape one’s view of the world.
  3. learn from and about students, families and communities, and draw on this knowledge to inform instruction
  4. view students and families of diverse backgrounds and abilities in respectful and affirming ways
  5. acquire and extend his or her own multicultural awareness by exploring and learning about the history, experiences, beliefs and values of others
  6. recognize and challenge biases in him/herself and others, as well as institutional oppression in schools and throughout our society
  7. implement inclusive, culturally responsive teaching practices