NH Licensure Requirements

Applying for NH Licensure

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Here is the NHDOE powerpoint presentation from 12/6/2020.

  • Application Process for School Counseling and School Psychology graduates.
  • Application Process for School Principal, Superintendent, Special Ed Admin, Curriculum Admin, and/or Library Media Specialist Graduates.
  • Application Process for Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, English Ed, Math Ed, Social Studies Ed, Art Ed, Music Ed, Physical Education and/or Health Education graduates.
  • Application Process for Digital Learning Specialist, TESOL and/or Special Education graduates.

Per NH DOE rules, graduates must submit/complete the licensure application requirements within 3 years of completing the program.

Licensure Testing Requirements

New Hampshire Basic Skills:

Candidates in educator preparation programs must demonstrate basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.  There are several ways a candidate may demonstrate their skill.  The most common is the Praxis Core Exam or the SAT Test Evaluation request. 

Content Knowledge:

Passing the Praxis II is a New Hampshire Department of Education requirement for licensure and a prerequisite for certain graduate programs prior to the Internship in Teaching.

Foundations of Reading:

Required for Early Childhood Education Licensure and Elementary Education (K-6 and K-8) Licensure. Here is a link to the Pearson website.

NH Licensures requiring the Praxis II:

K-12 Certification: Art, Music, Physical Education
Praxis Core; Praxis II: Art: Content Knowledge (5134); Qualifying Score is 158.
Praxis Core; Praxis II: Music: Content Knowledge (5113); Qualifying Score is 161.
Physical Education
Praxis Core; Praxis II: Physical Education: Content and Design (5095); Qualifying Score is 169.
5-12 Certification Programs: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science
Praxis Core; Praxis II: English Language Arts: Content and Analysis (5039); Qualifying Score is
Mathematics: 5-8
Praxis Core; Praxis II: Middle School Mathematics (5169)
Mathematics Education 7-12
Praxis Core; Praxis II: Mathematics Content Knowledge (5161)
Social Studies Education
Praxis Core; Praxis II: Social Studies Content and Interpretation (5086)
Science Education: Life Science
Praxis Core; Praxis II: Bilogy Content Knowledge (5235)
PreK-3, K-6, K-8 Certification: Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education
Early Childhood Education
Praxis Core; Praxis II: Education of Young Children (5024); Foundations of Reading Test
Elementary Education K-6
Praxis Core; Praxis II: Multiple Subjects (5001); Foundations of Reading Test
Elementary Education K-8
Praxis Core; Praxis II: Multiple Subjects (5001); Additional Praxis II test in content area (5047, 5169, 5440, or 5089); Foundations of Reading Test  and additional coursework