Advisory Board

The Holmes Center coordinates intern placements in collaboration with our Professional Development Schools (PDS) districts.

What are Professional Development Schools (PDS)?

Specially structured schools in which the P–12 school and higher education faculty collaborate to (1) provide practicum, student teaching, and internship experiences; (2) support and enable the professional development of school and higher education faculty; (3) support and enable inquiry directed at the improvement of practice; and (4) support and enhance student achievement. PDSs require the institutional commitment of colleges and universities, school districts, and teachers’ organizations (when appropriate) (NCATE).

Representatives from our PDS districts, CEP faculty and Alumni meet on a regular basis to support continuous improvement of PSU educational programming.

The Council meets three times a year to:

  • Identify and discuss current educational issues and trends;
  • Share guidance on innovations;
  • Review administrator and alumni survey data;
  • Provide programmatic feedback for continuous improvement; and
  • Collaborate on various evaluations, surveys and other data collection methods.

Current Members

  • Ken Darsney, Principle Franklin Middle School, Franklin, NH – Chair
  • Amy Allen, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education & Innovation, Manchester Public Schools
  • Pam Martin, Assistant Superintendent, SAU 48
  • Danielle Harvey, Dean of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Pittsfield School District
  • Dr. Joey Rino, Clinical Coordinator for Elementary Education, PSU
  • Brian Walker, Coordinator of Clinical Experiences, Holmes Center, PSU
  • Michael Whaland, Coordinator of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, SAU 33