Educator Certification

The Road to Teacher Certification

There are many steps you need to take on your journey to become a certified teacher.  You take classes, participate in field experiences including an internship, you need to take qualifying examinations, and you need to apply to the NH Department of Education for your certification.  While the journey may seem daunting, the Holmes Center has created documents to help you navigate the Road to Teacher Certification.  The chart below illustrates the process:

Forms for the Road to Certification

  • Candidacy Application
  • Testing Information
  • Praxis Core Waiver Request: Be sure to include a copy of your test scores which note the score percentiles. The options for submitting the completed packet of information to the NHDOE are as follows:
    • Mail to: State of New Hampshire, Department Of Education Bureau of Credentialing 101 Pleasant Street Concord, N.H. 03301
    • Email to:, or
    • Fax to: 603-271-4134  (All copies must be clear to submit by fax)