Course Planning

Browse “Course Descriptions” from the current Academic Catalog to see the types of courses offered in the various disciplines (indicated by the discipline codes listed below). You may also view a listing of which courses are being offered each term. See “Course Schedules.”

Course Disciplines Course Matrices
2017 2018
AD – Administration AD courses AD courses (coming soon)
CE/LM – Computer/Technology Education, Library Media CE/LM courses CE/LM courses (coming soon)
ED – Education ED courses ED courses (coming soon)
EP – Educational Leadership (CAGS / EdD) EP courses EP courses (coming soon)
HD – Higher Education HD courses HD courses (coming soon)
ID – Online Instructional Design ID courses ID courses (coming soon)
IN – Integrated Arts IN courses IN courses (coming soon)
RL – Reading and Writing RL courses RL courses (coming soon)
SE – Special Education SE courses SE courses