Undergraduate Degrees, Options & Minors

English, Bachelor of Arts – 120 credits

Through focused study in literature, language, and writing, English majors at Plymouth State University develop the essential skills of critical thinking, cogent analysis, and effective communication. The major explores both canonical and non-canonical texts in British, American, and Global literatures, and introduces students to trends in literary history and to contemporary questions raised by theorists and literary critics. Our renowned writing curriculum helps students develop their own original voices in both imaginative and expository writing. This core curriculum, along with 16 credits of Advanced Study (3000/4000 level) in EN courses of the student’s choosing, comprises the standard English major and prepares students well for a variety of life paths. Students who seek certification as English teachers must declare and follow the Teacher Certification Option. Students who elect to focus their Advanced Study exclusively in writing may declare a Writing Option.

Degree requirements