English Internships

If you are interested in doing an internship, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Click here to read the description of the English Internship.
  2. Check out the internship page on the PSU Career Planning website.  Please study the links on this page thoroughly before moving to the next step, since they include useful information about deadlines, among other things.
  3. Fill out this English department intake form
  4. Make an appointment with the English Department Chair to discuss your ideas and get advice about pursuing an internship.  Bring your intake form to the meeting
  5. After meeting with the English Department Chair, make an appointment with The Global Education Office at Bagley House to work out the specifics of your internship.  The Bagley House is located between Hall and Blair Residence halls.  Hours- 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Recent PSU English majors have done internships with the following companies and organizations:

  • Chelsea Green Publishing (editing and publishing experience);
  • Beacon Press (editing and publishing);
  • Cobblestone Publishing (literary publishing);
  • Merrimack Public Library (library science);
  • Hippo Press (arts & entertainment reporting, editing, and publishing);
  • Boston Bruins (sports journalism and broadcasting);
  • Brewster Academy Summer School (teaching English, working with non-English speaking students, mentoring);
  • Calypso Communications (social media marketing and event planning);
  • Appalachian Mountain Club;
  • Moody Street Pictures;
  • Helene’s Kitchen (virtual internship including social media marketing, blogging, and ghost writing);
  • PSU Office of Public Relations (press releases, public relations, alumni news writing);
  • New Futures (reporting, social media marketing and writing for NH non-profit organization);
  • …and many more!


What you know is what you do
by Naomi Judd, PSU English Major

Internships: Those windows of opportunity to gain experience before you venture out into the real world, those little stars on your resume. Many people need them, but how does one go about planning for an internship? What can one expect from such an experience? In Winterim 2007, Lauren Danzi interned at the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium in Concord, NH. Danzi collaborated with Jeanne Gerulskis, the Executive Director of the Planetarium, to write their first ever annual report that served as an advertisement for the Planetarium. It went out to all their members, sponsors, and state officials to encourage their continued financial support of planetarium programs. “I researched and gathered information by talking with other employees, sifting through old documents, watching Planetarium shows, and touring the exhibits. I outlined the different sections of the report and wrote each section with the Executive Director. I also sorted through photographs chose which ones went with each section,” said Danzi.

On April 13th, Danzi gave an oral presentation chronicling her internship and spoke about the large amount of personal confidence she has gained, improving her writing and communication skills. “When writing in a professional work environment its important to write well but it is even more important to be flexible. I learned to let go of my writing so the finished report would match the Planetarium s already established writing style. My writing served as jumping off point that opened the door for new ideas. These ideas changed constantly for both Jeanne and myself during the writing process. Once I saw my writing as a conduit for new ideas rather than a finished product I became less frustrated with the red ink on my pages and instead saw it as an opportunity to grow,” says Danzi of gaining professional skills.

When thinking about interning somewhere, it is easy to jump to thoughts of the actual internship. The preparation beforehand, however, is just as important. Danzi suggests taking preparatory classes such as Journalism and Technical communications, as well as several other creative writing courses. Keep in mind also to start the process of your internship as early as possible. Ultimately she says, “Pick a topic that interests you and don t be afraid to ask.When I asked my instructor about possibly working for the Planetarium I thought it was a long shot but they ended up having an opening for me. That crazy idea you have might not be as crazy as you think. “