Admission – MS in Environmental Science & Policy

Applications are submitted through PSU’s Admissions Office. Applications will be considered at any time, however we make most of our application decisions in the spring. Before applying, you are encouraged to contact a member of the faculty and the program coordinator to discuss research interests and possible funding for graduate study. You should identify a prospective faculty advisor during the application phase.

We invite all students interested in environmental science and policy to apply. Students seeking admission should have training in the basic sciences, social sciences, and calculus and/or statistics. Our strongest students have course work in multiple areas including general biology, ecology or biogeography, physical geography or geology, physics, chemistry, sociology or anthropology, calculus, and statistics. Students lacking course work in multiple areas may be admitted conditionally and then take additional courses to ensure they gain solid training in the discipline.

We require students to have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher. The GRE is required as part of the application package and, on average, our students score at least in the 45-50th percentile on all components of the exam. Three recommendations and a two page essay are also part of the application for admission. For the essay, please tell us about your professional goals and what area of environmental science and policy you are most interested in studying at PSU.

Although most students are full time, our program is designed to accommodate part time students and students interested in taking courses for professional development. Up to 12 credits can be taken without matriculating in the program and this can be an excellent way for students in the region to gain professional skills.

We often have opportunities for graduate student funding. Graduate research assistantships and teaching assistantships are competitive and can vary in terms of responsibilities and the amount of each award. We typically award assistantships in the spring for the following academic year, however opportunities can arise at other times throughout the year.

For more information about the MS in Environmental Science & Policy program, contact Program Coordinator Mark Green, (603) 535-3095.