1996 Pater Pan Producers’ Notes

Educational Theatre Collaborative's production of  Peter Pan has been an exciting opportunity for us to witness the collective power of the human spirit. Together, in four short weeks, we have brought to life the magical characters created by J. M. Barrie over ninety years ago.

We "know a place where dreams are born." It is here on the Hanaway Theatre stage in the beautiful Silver Cultural Arts Center; a place where many unique and different individuals have worked together, blending their talents, skills, and energy towards the creation of a production that will build memories for countless years to come.

Successful collaborations happen because of the efforts of many individuals. We are very grateful for the support shown us by Plymouth State University, Plymouth Elementary School, and Plymouth Friends of the Arts. However, the collaboration would not be complete without you, our audience. Thank you for being here to share the magic.

Trish Lindberg Artistic Director/Co-Producer

Dan Perkins Co-Producer