1998 The Wizard of Oz Producers’ Notes

The collective creative spirit that has been present at ETC since our first rehearsal on January 4th has sustained us all, giving each member of ETC much personal fulfillment. Through this musical production, we have all had the chance to "play" again, rediscovering the joy of working together towards an exciting common goal.

In three short weeks, timeless words on a page and countless memories from our childhoods have merged to become a living piece of theatre. Suddenly, we are no longer a fourth grader, a local businessperson, a student at PSU, or a police chief—we've become Munchkins, Ozians, flying monkeys, and jitterbugs. For a brief moment, we enter the merry old land of Oz and leave behind the cares and worries of the present. We become those cherished memories, and in the process, build new memories for ourselves and others.

As we share our production of The Wizard Of Oz with you, may you be swept along with us . . . somewhere over the rainbow.

Thank you for your support of ETC. Together, dreams really do come true.

Trish Lindberg
Dan Perkins
Ken Heuser  </p