Beauty and the Beast Directors Note

Dear Friends of ETC,

Each year, as I sit to compose these Director’s Notes, I am more and more swept away by the power of community. The cast, screw, production staff and our many community volunteers have worked tirelessly to bring this story to life for you amidst laughter, excitement, and the pure joy of working together. I am honored be a part of this organization, one that truly belongs to the community.

We are all thrilled to be presenting Beauty and the Beast not only at Silver Center but also at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, NH this year, helping to fulfill Plymouth State University’s mission to become a regional university. If you are new to our audience, either in Plymouth or Concord, we welcome you to ETC and invite you to join our family. Behind the scenes, President Sara Jayne Steen, Provost Julie Bernier, Vice President Bill Crangle, Vice President Richard Hage, Associate Vice President Dennise Maslakowski, Ann Thurston, Christopher Williams, Betsy Cheney, Barbara Fahey, Heather Huckins, Lisa Ladd, Doreen Burrows, Robin Schofield, Brenda Gleich and Nancy Pettengill, among many other university staff, have all put their unique stamp upon this production. My appreciation for the expertise you have offered ETC, talents that differ greatly from what I have to give, knows no bounds. You trust me to weave the fabric together that is ETC and provide the support necessary to keep the fabric strong. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I would like to personally recognize the support of the PSU Music, Theatre and Dance Department and the Silver Center for all they do to support ETC. The well-trained students from the Music, Theatre and Dance Department add a great deal to our ensemble with their professionalism and talent, and the Silver Center staff spends countless hours doing ticketing, building sets and managing the house during productions. Please know how much we value and appreciate all you do to make ETC possible. Thank you!

Beauty and the Beast is a play about transformation. ETC is about transformation as well. Three weeks ago we started with a blank stage, a cast of seventy-six people, a group of collaborative theatre artists and stage technicians and a vision of how we could bring this story to life. Together, we have experienced the wonder of transformation as we worked to bring this “tale as old as time” to the stage. We hope that you, too, are transformed by what you see, to dream a little harder, believe a little more and to recognize the beauty that is found within, in yourself and others.

Thank you for your support of ETC and the power of community. We are very grateful you are here and hope you enjoy our retelling of this timeless tale.


Trish Lindberg
Artistic Director/Co-Founder ETC