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We hope to see you in November!

ETC welcomes people of all ages, both experienced and non-experienced, to audition for this community-wide theatre project. Come Join Us! It Takes a village!

NOTE:  All auditions are held at Silver Center for the Arts at Plymouth State University.  Volunteers will direct you to the correct room for your audition.

Children ages 8-13 will be auditioned in groups and do not need to prepare anything in advance or schedule an individual time.

*Monday November 6th is the preferred audition day for 8-13 yr olds.
**High school students, university students, faculty, staff, and adult community members must call Brenda Gleich starting October 16, 2017 at (603) 535-2803 to schedule an individual audition time and should bring a piece of prepared music if possible.



Is there a rehearsal schedule?

The rehearsals will begin the afternoon of January 2nd, with an all-cast read through the night of January 2nd. At that time all cast members will be given a copy of the first week’s schedules. A new schedule will be given out (and emailed) each Sunday for that week. We are unable to schedule farther in advance, as managing rehearsals for a complex 2 hour musical with a cast of approximately  100 is very challenging. We need to be able to have the flexibility to schedule more time for a scene, song, or dance if it’s proving challenging or less time if we are picking it up quickly.

How long are rehearsals?

At any point we may have up to three different rehearsals going on at the same time. Some people may be learning choreography, another group working on their songs, while others still working on their dialogue in a scene. Each of these requires different amounts of time. In the rehearsal schedule- we try to make it clear what each time will be for.  Generally, rehearsals are scheduled in the afternoon and evenings. We are aware kids have school and adults have work, and thus generally try to schedule you after those would be getting out. Sometimes, as an example, you may be called for a music rehearsal from 4-5:30 and then later on in the evening for dance from 7-9:30pm. We do our best to keep rehearsal blocks together, but it doesn’t always work out. Rehearsals generally never go past 10pm and we do our best to get kids done with their rehearsal as early as possible. Generally speaking, kids in the chorus would not have as much rehearsal commitments or have rehearsals as late as someone with a leading part does.

Will I have rehearsals every day?

We have rehearsals scheduled for every day between January 2nd and opening night on January 23rd. 22 days is not a lot of time to put on a full scale musical with 100+ people.  Whether you have rehearsals every day though depends on the part you are cast in and the rehearsal needs of the group. Many people may have rehearsals every day, others might only have it a few times a week. During the last weeks of rehearsals though, you can assume you will have it every day.

I know that I have a conflict for a day or days already? What do I do?

Let us know at the audition. There will be a space for it on the audition form. If we know ahead of time we can do our best to work with you. However, the show must go on! With a cast of 100+ and a Production Team of almost 20, it’s difficult to schedule around individual’s schedules. We are asking for individuals to commit the full three weeks to ETC in order to create the best possible production. If you have conflicts, it may affect you being in a particular scene or whether or not you are cast.

Do you have rehearsal when it snows?

Safety is everyone’s priority. In general, if Plymouth State closes the university, we will cancel or end the rehearsal. Otherwise, we ask that everyone makes the decision that is best for them and their safety.

I’ve never auditioned before. What should I bring/expect?

Excellent! We are happy to help you try something new!

For children’s auditions all you need to do is show up! During the audition time block you will be in groups of children in similar ages and work with our talented production staff in three different areas- Dancing, Singing, and Acting. In each of these areas we will teach you a song or some dance steps. We look at the day as a learning adventure for everyone! If you don’t think you excel in one or more of the areas, it’s ok! We all have different strengths!  Everyone should wear clothing that you are comfortable moving in and shoes that are appropriate to move in (think sneakers, rather than sandals or boots).

For Adult Auditions (high school, college, and community) we ask that you bring a piece of music to sing. We will have a pianist to play sheet music. Accapella is also acceptable if you don’t have access to music. If all else fails, sing us happy birthday the best you can! Adults will also learn a brief dance/movement number, so be sure to wear comfortable clothes. We may also ask you to look at a scene from the show and read through that with us.