25Live Tip Sheet

Below is a list of frequently asked questions related to 25Live and room reservations:

When should I reserve space on 25Live?
As soon as you have identified your event date(s) even if tentative.  Event logo or image, details, and other descriptions can be added (or removed) at a later date by the campus scheduler.

How do I access 25Live?

  1. On the left-hand side of the myPlymouth Welcome page, there is a link for “Calendar and Room Reservation System”. Click the link and you will be forwarded to https://venus.plymouth.edu/25live.
  2. Click on the white “Sign In” link on the upper right-hand side of the page. Enter your 25Live-issued username and password and click “Sign In.” 25Live is not connected to your myPlymouth credentials; it is not SSO.

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are compatible browsers for accessing 25Live. Please do not use Internet Explorer.

How do I make a reservation?

Enter your event’s information into the Event Wizard (this is the event creation form)


  • Your event will be listed on the internal calendar. Please keep this in mind as you name/title your event.  (ex. “Events & Planning Department Meeting” vs. Meeting”)
  • If your event is scheduled outside, ensure you have a rain location. This may mean two sets of work orders for setup.

How do I review a pending request?

  1. From the 25Live home page “Dashboard” tab, click on the “Event Drafts in which you are the Requestor” link located in the blue Your Event Drafts menu. You will be forwarded to the Events tab.
  2. Make sure the “List” tab is selected. You will see a list of all requests you have placed that are currently pending approval

 How do I review all of my requests (pending, tentative, confirmed, and canceled)?

  1. From the 25Live home page, click on the green Events tab (located on the upper-left side of the screen).
  2. Select the “Pre-Defined Event Searches” sub-tab.
  3. ‌Select “Pre-Defined Groups” in the Search Groupings menu, and highlight “Events You Have Requested” on the right-hand side. Click Run. Make sure the “List” tab is selected. You will see a list of all requests you have placed. The state of these requests (draft, tentative, confirmed, or canceled) will appear on the far right-hand side of this list.

How do I “star” an event or location?

When navigating through 25Live, you will notice that gray stars sometimes show up next to location names, event names, or organization names. If you click on these stars, they will become gold. They are now “starred.” Click them again, and they will become “un-starred.”  Starring is a quick and easy way to bookmark events, locations, and organizations that you view often. Starred events and locations will automatically show up on the 25Live home page (on the top-right side of the screen).

How can I view the availability calendar for a specific room?

From the 25Live homepage, click on the blue “Locations” tab located in the middle of the screen. Select the “Search for Locations” sub-tab and type the location name in the “Search by Keyword” box. Alternately, you may select the “Pre-Defined Location Searches” sub-tab, and click on the “Public Searches” Search Grouping. A list of searches will appear to the right of this menu.