Repeat Coursework Policy Undergraduate and Graduate Students

In some cases, matriculated students may wish to repeat a course, either to increase their GPA or replace a failing grade. This may effect their financial aid eligibility for the course itself or for future terms. Only classes which will count toward meeting degree requirements are eligible for financial aid.


Repeating a FAILED Course:

Federal guidance allows FULL-TIME students to use Federal aid to repeat previously failed coursework; however, the credit hours of any failed course will be counted in Satisfactory Academic Progress (Undergraduate or Graduate) calculations.  The repeated course will also count as part of a student’s enrollment status for the payment period they are repeating.


Repeating a PASSED Course:

If a matriculated FULL-TIME student is repeating a previously PASSED course, federal guidance allows student to repeat and receive aid ONE-TIME.   All hours of any courses attempted will count in all Satisfactory Academic Progress calculations.   PSU academic guidelines will count the last repeated course for GPA purposes.  Therefore, if a student earned a letter grade of “D” and then repeated this course and received an “F”, the “F” would replace the previously earned “D” for purposes of determining a student’s new GPA.


Students are encouraged to contact not only their academic advisor regarding PSU academic consequences but also a member of the Financial Aid Team if they are planning to repeat any coursework. They will want to be sure they understand how retaking courses will be treated by PSU academics as well as financial aid as required by federally mandated Satisfactory Academic Progress policies.