Financial Services

Financial Services is located in the Eco House at 1 High Street.

Meet the Team

Compliance, Analysis and Planning

Laurie R. Wilcox
Associate Vice President for Finance & Administration | 535-3278 | MSC #17


Vacant Budget & Accounting Manager 535-2184
Debbie Grotheer Business Analyst 535-2429
Karisa Gaebel Accountant II 535-2604
Sarah Reynolds Accountant II 535-2362

Financial Services

Tom Weeks
Director of Financial Operations | (603) 535-3298 | MSC #17

Financial Service Center: Academic Affairs

Located in Mary Lyon Suite 050
FSC E-mail:
MSC #35 – Main Office
MSC #36 – Sureya Ennabe

Phone: (603) 535-2561
Fax: (603) 535-2583


Matty Leighton Financial Manager 535-2275
Dorie Cash Financial Specialist, Academics 535-2949
Betsy (Suzanne) Ayotte Financial Specialist, Academics and Grants 535-3346
Sureya Ennabe Sr. Business Service Assistant 535-2183
Brenda Gleich Sr. Business Service Assistant 535-2218

Service Areas: All Academic Departments & Grants

Financial Service Center: Facilities, Institutional Administration & Technology

FSC E-mail:
MSC #25 – Lori Tetley & Janet Ames
MSC #33 – Pam Crosby & Sarah Vittum
MSC #99 – Lynn Cuda


Lori Tetley Financial Manager 535-2552
Pam Crosby Financial Specialist 535-2246
Lynn Cuda Financial Specialist, Administration 535-2223
Sarah Vittum Sr. Business Service Assistant 535-2373
Janet Ames Sr. Business Service Assistant 535-2268

Service Areas: Facilities Services (Physical Plant), Administrative Departments, Technology Services and Mail Services

Financial Service Center: Student Services & Athletics

FSC E-Mail:
MSC #69


Michele Lacroix Financial Manager 535-2430
Hope Fortier Financial Specialist 535-2698
Grace Ainsworth Sr. Business Service Assistant 535-2539
Michelle Wright Sr. Business Service Assistant 535-2170

Service Areas: Admissions, Athletics, Student Affairs, CES Life