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Frequently Used Account & Commodity Codes


Contract Basics

Contracts Language PPT

Guide to Contractual Agreements

Contract Process Flow

Pcard Policies

USNH Purchasing Card Guidelines



USNH MVR Release form – employee

USNH MVR Release form – student – Form

USNH Travel Policies and Procedures

Domestic Per-Diem Rates

International Per-Diem Rates

Mileage: New England Destinations – Round Trip from PSU

Mileage: NH Destinations – Round trip from PSU

Enterprise Vehicle Rental

PSU Student Travel Policy

USNH Vehicle Safety Policy and Forms (login required)


Finance Essentials

Budget Finance 101

Cash Policy updated 06/2021

Completing a Student Hire Form

E-Commerce Policy

E-Commerce Solutions

FAR Travel and Expense Launch 5-7-21

Fundraising for External Entities – Policy and Guidelines (revised 8-26-2020)

MFD Multi-Function Devices – Paper, Supplies, Service Info

Payment Processing Policy

Procurement Team Dynamix Website

Providing an Adequate Business Purpose

Retirement or Departure Events and Gifts

Signature Authority Matrix – PSU

Space Utilization Policy

Submitting Reimbursement Requests

Surplus Equipment Information


Finance Fundamentals Newsletter

October 25, 2021
     USHN Finance HUB
     Adjunct/Student Hiring   
     CaterTrax Catering/UShop
     Room/Meals Tax & UBI
     Purchase Workflow

January 14, 2022
     Prepaid Expenses Update
     Student Work Study Update
     New Mileage Rate    
     Credit Invoices    
     UShop Requesters Update

March 22, 2022
     Fiscal Year End and the FOC
     FY23 Purchase Orders
     Awards, Gifts, & Prizes    
     WebI Reporting Access and Training    
     Credit Applications
     FY22 Purchases End Date
     New Hiring Process