HUB Fitness Facilities

We have two facilities, the Fitness Room (located in the first floor) of the HUB and the HUB Courtroom (located in the second floor of the HUB)

The Fitness Room has two main areas. One our the areas contain all of the free weights and the other area has cardiovascular equipment as well as Nautilus equipment. The free weight area has a complete set of dumbells from five pounds to one hundred twenty-five pounds as well as a variety of free weight equipment. The other side has five treadmills, two elliptical machines, two lateral elliptical machines, five expresso bikes and more than twelve Nautilus upper body and lower body strength training machines. The aerobic studio is available for users when fitness classes are not in session.

Fitness Equipment available to patrons: Resistant bands, jump ropes, dip belts and versa tubes.

The HUB Courtroom has a complete selection of cardiovascular equipment. This selection includes Life Fitness Treadmills, Precor and Octane elliptical, upright bikes, recumbent bikes and Tectrix Climbmax.


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