General Education

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Plymouth State University provides opportunities for students to cultivate the mind in ways that will lead them to full awareness as adults, and to lives in which occupational achievement is balanced by social responsibility, cultural experience, and personal happiness. The University measures its excellence, not by the quality of students who enter its doors, but by the quality it adds to those who graduate. Because of this commitment, Plymouth State University believes that every student must receive a strong general education as well as specialized instruction in a field. The undergraduate General Education program gives students a broad perspective on ideas and an awareness of diverse human experiences and cultures.

The General Education program is meant to ensure that students develop the skills necessary for academic success and lifelong learning, an appreciation of the various ways scholars consider and understand human experience, and an appreciation of the process by which different approaches to scholarship can be brought to bear on the same problem. Courses taken to ensure breadth of knowledge emphasize the relevance and application of methods of inquiry and content to students’ lives.

The General Education program provides students with interesting academic experiences that change every semester. The opportunities available for each semester can be found here.

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