Affordable Study Abroad Programs 😁 🌍

*A full cost breakdown table can be found at the bottom of the blog post* 

With so many affordable programs available to PSU students, seeing the world and getting an education is accessible to nearly every student. Plymouth State University offers study abroad programs in over 30 countries with affordable options in breathtaking destinations. Before we dive into the cost of studying abroad, let’s first look at what it costs to attend Plymouth State University for a semester. Attending PSU for a semester cost about $13,000 for an in-state student, while an out of state student should expect to pay somewhere in the $18,000 range per semester. These costs include tuition, fees, food, and housing and are before financial aid is applied to your bill. Speaking of financial aid, students can apply their loans, grants, and scholarships to a semester abroad. 

If you are interested in affordable programs abroad, the first program to look at is in Costa Rica through CIS Abroad. Costa Rica is a beautiful, tropical nation with so much to explore in the city of San José and beyond in the biodiverse rainforests. Students on this program will be culturally immersed with a homestay family while studying at Universidad Veritas. The cost of this program is $11,190 (tuition, housing, and meals), which is less than going to Plymouth State University for a semester. This program also offers summer programs, which include Spanish Language for Healthcare professionals.  

Although Costa Rica is popular and beautiful, students may find that our program in Bangkok, Thailand has a larger selection of courses to fit their major. Students on this program will be studying at Mahidol University, while eating delicious food and enjoying a tropical climate. The highlight of this program is either the field trip to an elephant sanctuary or snorkeling off the coast of Phuket. The cost of this program is $10,490 (tuition, housing, and meals), which is less than going to Plymouth State University for a semester. 

If you’re someone who is more drawn to Europe, begin your search with the historical city of Prague, Czech Republic. There are two programs in Prague, but Charles University tends to be more popular because they have a larger selection of courses. However, whichever program you choose, you will still have access to Prague’s famous castle and astronomical clock. Let’s also not forget that the Czech Republic is centrally located in Europe, which gives students the perfect home base to travel. The cost of this program is $13,890 (tuition, housing, and meals), which is about the same cost of going to Plymouth State University for a semester if you are an in-state resident.  

If you prefer to travel to an English-speaking country, the University of Plymouth on the coast of southeastern England is the perfect destination. They offer a program called a bilateral exchange program, which means students pay the same tuition as they do at PSU. The city of Plymouth is known for its beaches, commitment to sustainability, and breathtaking ocean views. The housing costs in the United Kingdom can be more expensive, but students will benefit from independent living by having a single room with their own bathroom, and access to a full-sized kitchen. Please see the cost breakdown below.  

If you’re looking for something in a different part of the world, check out one of our most popular, affordable programs at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan. This program is unique because students that attend this university pay the cost of PSU tuition, room, and board. So, it is essentially like you are going to PSU for the semester. Kansai Gaidai offers a wide range of courses that are both traditional and nonconventional. Students can either take international business law or a course called Monsters, Ghosts and the Making of Modern Japan

The study abroad program at Kansai Gaidai also focuses on many aspects of Asian studies. During your time you’ll explore the histories of many Asian cultures, you’ll learn to speak Japanese and you’ll be able to take language classes geared to any skill level. You’ll also learn about other topics that include pop culture, fashion, music, and Japanese Art, as well as its influence on our familiar western culture. If you’re interested in reading more about this awesome program, click this link

Studying abroad is an amazing experience and it’s never been so accessible. If you want to explore any of these programs or ask any questions please reach out to our Director of Global Engagement, Ian Lim-Bonner, at We look forward to finding a program that works best for you! 

Cost Breakdown Table  

University  Tuition + Fees + Travel Expenses Room + Board Total Cost of Attendance/Semester 
Plymouth State University (NH)  non-resident: $12,216 resident: $7,246   $3800* + $1990* (Double room and unlimited meal plan)  non-resident: $18,006 resident: $13,036 
Kansai Gaidai University (Osaka, Japan) Same as above Same as above  Same as above  
University of Plymouth  (Plymouth, UK)  Same as above  $4,500 + $3,000 (single room + en suite)  Non-resident: $19,716 Resident: $14,746  
Mahidol University (Bangkok, Thailand)  $8,690 $1,800 (double room)  $10,490 
Universidad Veritas (San Jose, Costa Rica)  $8,190 $3,000 $11,190 
Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic)  $11,140  $2750 $13,890 

*note that these prices do not include the cost of travel, passports, or visas.

Interested in a more detailed cost breakdown? Detailed Study Abroad Cost Breakdown.