2015 International Education Week: Nov 16-20

As part of the national initiative by the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Education, Plymouth State recognizes International Education Week (IEW) each year to celebrate and showcase its efforts in campus globalization, international education programming, as well as its diverse population.  From art and entertainment to scholarly dialogue and investigation, IEW at PSU is dynamic and offers something for everyone.  This year’s events — from November 16 to 20 — include the Annual Parade of Flags, Global Coffee Hour, World Jeopardy, Global Formal Fashion Show, Global Yoga, Global Activity Tabling, Conversation Tables (French, Spanish, Italian) 1st Years in Ireland Cultural Q/A via Skype, 10,000 Steps Gallery Installation, Water Stories Panel, World Poetry Slam,  Syrian Refugee Discussion, and more! For more information on all of these events, go to the Events page.


More info on IEW through NAFSA