Michael Locatelli

an emerging artist and musician!

Name: Michael Locatelli

Artist Name: LOC.

Home country: Canada

Major: English

Class of 2022 

Michael chose to come to Plymouth State to play for the hockey team, where he met the coolest people and the scenic White Mountains area invited him to stay. Currently, he’s an active member of the hockey team and other campus clubs such as PSU’s own radio station, WPCR!

He sees himself fit in the tight-knit community here at PSU and feels that it’s easy for students to build a strong relationship with their professors since the class sizes are small. He also feels that people genuinely support him in many ways, and root for his success.

Everyone is warm, welcoming, and accepting. When my hockey dreams were ended at PSU due to injury, my entire community rallied around me and supported me like no other. This place is simply home. 

-Michael Locatelli

After a severe sports injury, Michael has devoted his time towards pursuing a career in music, and even published his music on Spotify as a verified artist with over 4,000 monthly listeners!

As a self-starter, he has had successes making music with some very well known rappers and producers, from his own bedroom at PSU.

He aspires to become a musician after he graduates and continues to work in the music industry, we wish him all the best of luck!

Check out Michael Locatelli aka LOC. on Spotify, Tiktok and Instagram linked below!


Watch till the end…to hear how it sounds 🤯🤯 #MusicLesson #ImAMusician #Punkrap #guitar #ShowAndTell

♬ original sound – LOC.