Planning to Study Abroad

When should I start planning to study abroad?

You may begin planning for your study abroad experience at any time; it is never too early! There are many moving pieces and important parts to the study abroad application process. And, depending on the requirements for your major/minor or other extracurricular requirements you may have to choose a very specific semester during your time at PSU. It’s always best to talk to your Academic Advisor about study abroad early on. PSU offers a wide variety of study abroad opportunities; make sure you give yourself enough time to fully consider them.

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How much does it cost?

Studying abroad does not have to be a financial burden! Costs vary by program type and destination. There are also opportunities to apply for scholarships specific to study abroad. Further, your financial aid package usually goes with you. It is important to work with Financial Aid/ Student Account Services to determine access to funding.

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PSU International Partner programs

Exchange programs charge PSU tuition to attend a foreign university. Students will pay the cost of room, board, and any addition program fees directly to the exchange partner university.

Through Direct-Enroll programs, you are allowed to enroll directly in a foreign university. You pay the cost associated with the tuition, and room/board of that university.

PSU Preferred Provider programs

Provider program costs vary significantly. the mandatory PSU study abroad fee must be paid upon submission of your study abroad application. The provider also, generally charges an application fee ( in the form of a deposit) as well as a full package of room/board, tuition, cell phone, insurance, special excursions, etc. These charges are billed to your PSU account directly.

Do I receive financial aid even if I’m going abroad during the winter or summer?

Yes, you can use your financial aid during the winter or summer terms however this is not in addition to your allotted financial aid package for the fall and spring semesters. If you choose to use financial aid in Winter or Summer, it will come out of your Fall or Spring bill. So, make sure to budget accordingly.

Applying to Study Abroad

What is the Global Engagement Study Away Canvas page and how do I access it?

The Global Engagement Study Away Canvas page is the one stop shop for PSU students who want to study abroad. Here is where you can apply to study abroad and access important forms to be completed before you depart. Upon selection of a study abroad program you will be enrolled in the Canvas page by your study abroad advisor. The Canvas page is accessible through your MyPlymouth account under MyCourses, general tab.

When are the application deadlines for me to study abroad?

*It is important to note that the following dates are the PSU deadlines. Host universities and providers have their own deadlines. Make sure to check their websites directly for this information.

The application deadline for the Summer/Fall semesters is April 1st.

The application deadline for the Winter/Spring semesters is November 1st.

How do I get permission to receive credit for courses that are currently not in the transfer credit database?

Students must look up and print off the host university course description along with the course syllabus and submit to the Registrar’s Office the corresponding Transfer Credit Request (TCR) form. You should complete these forms with input & approval from your academic advisor. You will get confirmation on whether the course was approved or denied via email from the registrar’s office.

Is there a program that is best for my major/minor?

Regardless of what your academic program is, there is a study away opportunity for you! With that said, please keep in mind that due to the rigid course sequencing of some programs, it is important to start the study away process early.

While Abroad*

* Please refer to the study away Canvas page for a comprehensive breakdown of all information pertaining to studying away. 

What if I decide to take different courses than the ones that were pre-approved for me?

If while abroad you need to change the courses that were already approved for you to take we can always do the TCR process through email, but it is important that you get this process rolling as soon as you know you need to change a course. Make sure that you email psu-registrar@plymouth.edu as soon as possible if you do in fact have to fill out another TCR for a non pre-approved course. To avoid this situation, we recommend getting extra courses approved before you go abroad (i.e. first choice, second choice, and so on).

If there is an emergency abroad, whom should I contact?

PSU requires you contact your host university contact first in the case of emergency. Please refer to the pre-departure presentation on the study away Canvas page for more risk management information.

How do I register for classes for the upcoming PSU semester while I am abroad?

The process is exactly the same as if you were here. You should contact your Academic Advisor to get your pin for the myPlymouth course sign-up. Make sure you are aware of when advising week begins so that you may promptly contact your PSU campus academic advisor.

Will my study abroad grades count?

In order to receive credit from the host university, TCR forms need to have been approved by the PSU Registrar’s Office. Further, students must complete the course and receive a grade of C or higher for any class taken while abroad. Your grades received abroad will not affect your GPA.

Why does degree works say I'm only taking 12 credits?

The Registrar’s Office puts a 12 credit place holder on your account while you are abroad. It is only after your study away transcript has been evaluated that degree works will reflect the correct numbers of credits.

Post Trip

How do I officially transfer my study abroad credits to PSU?

You must request an official transcript from your host institution. Your study abroad provider will likely do this for you automatically, but ask just to be sure.

How can I stay involved in Study Abroad experiences?

Many students return to PSU excited to share their experience with others! A great way to do this is to apply to become a Global Ambassador! Global Ambassadors are peer mentors to students who are interested in studying abroad, as well as work closely with our international student population. They also may help at study abroad fairs, do classroom and hall presentations, run study abroad info sessions, or be a group leader at the pre-departure orientations. Please see our Get Involved page for more information.