Information for Parents

Welcome to the PSU Global Engagement Office (GEO) and thank you for supporting your child’s study abroad experience! PSU is committed to providing students with a wide array of international travel opportunities.

Regardless of academic discipline or professional goals, our graduates will live and lead a more globalized world. Worldwide forces will affect their personal and professional lives even if they never leave the White Mountains or the USA. In order to prepare for our variable, multi-cultural world, students must be knowledgeable, adaptable, independent, and fluidly communicative across cultures. Students gain these sort of skills from study abroad experiences.

Our students are fortunate enough to be educated in an age where study abroad as become a common expectation. There is a large collection of opportunities; and although you can go to the opposite side of the world, find an internet cafe, and sip coffee while skyping your friends from home, studying abroad is nothing like home, which is a good thing!

Education, development and growth are about challenging our commonly held assumptions and getting outside our comfort zones. This can be a difficult and uneasy experience at times, but the rewards and sense of accomplishment are much greater when issues are confronted and resolved independently by trial and error and application of newly gained knowledge and experience.  Therefore, GEO has developed a comprehensive advising and pre-departure orientation to help students prepare for and maximize their study abroad experience.

We hope you find the resources on this page helpful and wish your child a safe and informative study abroad experience!

Further Questions?…

Please feel free to visit contact GEO at any time; our “Contact Us” page is where all our contact information can be found. With that said, Federal law (FERPA) prevents GEO from sharing specific information about individual students, so we encourage you to communicate directly with your son or daughter so s/he is fully aware of your interest and concern. You will offer the most support and guidance to your son or daughter by allowing him or her to act on their own and communicate directly with their designated study abroad advisor. Before long, your student will be living and studying in a new and unfamilar environment, help them prepare by encouraging them to communicate with GEO and to share important information with you. Additionally please refer to the parent guide to studying abroad for even more information.


Tips to Help Your Student Make the Most Of Their Study Abroad Experience
  1. Familiarize yourself with the International Programs Web site and resources. This will help you better understand the experience your son or daughter is about to enjoy.
  2. Help your student pack for their trip (but don’t do it for them).
  3. Assist with pre-departure paperwork (but don’t do it for them).
  4. Establish a communication plan before your son or daughter departs.
  5. Reasonably limit your communication with your student after they have begun their experience. Constant communication makes it difficult for most students to fully immerse themselves in their new environment.
  6. When communicating with your son or daughter, recognize that you are likely to hear what is going wrong and not what is going right. Listen carefully and gauge whether there is an actual problem or if he/she may be simply adjusting to the new environment and culture.
  7. Avoid stepping in to solve problems for your son or daughter and urge them to find a solution on their own.
  8. Offer your support and let your son or daughter know that you trust them to make the right decisions while studying abroad.

Official Application Deadlines:

For Summer Program: April 1
For Fall Program: MAY 1
For Winter Program: October 1
For Spring Program: November 1

*IMPORTANT: These deadlines are only for the PSU Study Away Application on Moodle. The application deadline for your study away program may differ. Please be aware that your individual program’s application deadline may be earlier than PSU’s application deadline.

Ever wondered what it would be like to study abroad? Listen to other students share their experiences!