Short Term International Programs

skukuza-lodgePSU Social Work students who accompanied Dr. Kristina Lind to attend and present at the 2018 International Association for Social Work and Groups Symposium held in Kruger National Park in Pretoria, South Africa.

For students who are looking for supplemental academic options, who may not want or be able to study away for an entire semester or year, or who simply want to have a meaningful international experience, short-term trips are a fantastic way to do so!

Every year, PSU sponsors an array of credit-bearing and non-credit-bearing international program options that are made available to students.

Short Term Faculty Led Trips: Forms and Information

Current Trips:

Quito, Ecuador Summer 2022: This course focuses on public health, nature protection, and food sovereignty. Students will develop an understanding of the relationship between these three components while working with local communities in the Andean Choco (cloud forest). Students will observe and learn about the production of organic coffee, chocolate, and community and family agriculture. We will look at the use of non-conventional plants for cooking, which are usually left aside or seen as ‘bad herbs’, but that are easily accessible and most of the time free and very rich in nutrients of all kinds. The course will include interviews with local environmental activists, politicians, and academics. Students will also be given the opportunity to complete service work with the communities, as well as participate in excursions and other cultural activities. For more information email Ian Lim-Bonner (

Bali, Indonesia Summer 2022: This experiential course examines specialized topic areas in law, criminal justice and cultural anthropology which are not covered in significant depth in regularly scheduled course offerings. Working with a local well established tour company we will explore the various criminological, commercial, legal and cultural aspects of society in the lush tropical island of Bali and compare them with related areas in the United States. For more information email Ian Lim-Bonner (

Types of Trips:

Course-Embedded Trips – A short study abroad experience that forms an integral part of, or an optional add-on to, a course given on the home campus. Most commonly, the study abroad portion of the course takes place during a midterm break or after the end of the on-campus term and is just a week or two long. (credit-bearing)

Co-Curricular Trips – activities, programs, and events that are typically non-academic in nature, but relate other activities and experiences to the established curriculum or pedagogy goals. These can be either intentionally offered by the program or institution, or can be student-initiated and driven. (non-credit-bearing)

Trip Leaders:

Any Faculty or Student Leader wishing to plan a short term international program must first submit one of the following official Proposal Packets to the Global Engagement Office to be considered:

Course-Embedded Trip Proposal Packet (to be completed by trip leader(s))

Co-Curricular Trip Proposal Packet (to be completed by trip leader(s))

Short Term International Travel Leader Manual 

Trip Participants:

Registration Form is due by Application Deadline – December 1st 

Participant Registration Form Submit via email to Ian Lim-Bonner ( 

Participant Manual Forms are due by Deposit Deadlinevaries by program

Participant Manual which contains FORMS to complete and submit prior to departure. Please submit via email to Ian Lim-Bonner ( 

Insurance Coverage and Travel Arrangements:

All students are covered by our international insurance carrier, CISI. Below is a description of coverage and a Participant Guide to introduce you to the interactive portal that you will use in the event that you require medical attention while abroad:  

Faculty and staff can also enroll into Plymouth’s CISI insurance policy, but they will have to pay out of pocket or add it to the cost of the program.

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