PSU Scholarships

PSU provides students several opportunities to apply for funding to support international opportunities.

The Worthen Vascak Scholarship for International Study, Research, and Service.

The Worthen Vascak Scholarship for International Study, Research, and Service was founded to assist PSU domestic undergraduate and graduate students realize their dreams for study abroad, research abroad, short-term faculty led travel courses, internships, etc.

Barbara Willey ’37 Endowment for International Study Scholarship Fund

The Barbara Willey ’37 Endowment for International Study Scholarship Fund. Barbara M. Willey ’37, world traveler and elementary educator, made provisions for Plymouth State University in her will. Her bequest was used to establish the Barbara M. Willey Endowment to provide support for Plymouth State undergraduate students pursuing study abroad in relation to their degree. Applications must be submitted to the Office of the Academic Deans.

Richard T. and Patricia H. Hage Fund for Diversity and International Initiatives

The purpose of the Richard T. and Patricia H. Hage Fund for Diversity and International Initiatives is to provide vital support to students and the campus in the areas in which Dick and Pat have made such vital contributions themselves—diversity, internationalization, academic support services, educational access, and leadership.

The fund will support projects related to creating an environment in which students can learn leadership skills as related to their lives as citizens, as well as their careers. Such initiatives could reach across skills and awareness training re: diversity issues, focus on students served specifically through the PASS program, and / or provide opportunities for leadership development among student organizations, including the Dean of Students office, the PASS office, the Global Engagement Center, and others to be identified. The fund may also be used to support travel, student fees, and related expenses associated with international students attending PSU. Application 

Catherine and Kirk Middlekauff Fund

The purpose of this endowment fund is to support awards or stipends for social science students majoring in geography, anthropology, sociology, or political science. Funds may be used by students for travel related to particular social science or interdisciplinary courses. Funds may be applied to the course credit fee or to travel expenses (i.e., accommodations, airfare, food, etc.) for study away from PSU campuses. Please contact Professor Sheryl Shirley, MSC 39 for application information.

Gisela and Paul Estes German Study Abroad Scholarship

The Gisela and Paul Estes Study Abroad Scholarship provides financial assistance to PSU students to participate in a credit-bearing study abroad program in a German-speaking country. Believing that immersion in a different culture is a life-changing experience, the Donors wish is for PSU students to live in and experience a German-speaking culture and to further their own proficiency in speaking the German language.

Eligible students shall be in strong academic standing, according to the mini required for study abroad, and must be admitted to credit-bearing study abroad programs in a German-speaking country: Germany or Austria. The scholarship may be awarded for the traditional academic semesters, Winterim, or summer session as long as the program is credit-bearing. Please contact the Global Engagement Office for information on how to apply for this scholarship.

Nancy Bailey Snyder ’63 Semester-at-Sea Scholarship Fund

The purpose of Nancy Bailey Snyder ’63 Semester-at-Sea Scholarship Fund is to provide financial support for a deserving graduate or undergraduate student at Plymouth State who is participating in the Semester-at-Sea program with a preference for a student who is pursuing or intends to pursue a career in teaching. The eligible recipient shall be a matriculated student of limited financial means who is participating in the Semester-at-Sea program. The award is made upon consideration of the applicant’s financial need and desire to broaden their world perspective through the study of and experience in other countries and cultures; subsequently, it is intended to enrich the recipient’s teaching as a result of such experience.  Please contact the Global Engagement Office for information on how to apply for this scholarship.

Other Scholarship Sources:

The U.S. government believes it is important for citizens to be better educated about the world and is providing scholarship assistance to help college students engage in overseas study. Below are links to additional scholarship opportunities. Read the instructions carefully since some scholarships do have a service component associated with receipt of the scholarship.

Possible scholarships are:

All of these scholarships are competitive with other students around the U.S.  To be the most competitive it is important to:

  • Read instructions carefully and check the application deadlines
  • Prepare a draft of your essay and have it reviewed by a faculty member, the Writing Center (Lamson Library) or a study abroad advisor