Emergency Action Plan

Plymouth State University

Health Services  Emergency Action Plan

Emergencies when Health Services is Closed

In the event that a student needs medical care when the Health Services clinic is closed (in the evening, on weekends, or during vacations), the student should contact their physician or Speare Memorial Hospital at (603) 536-1120. Transportation by ambulance can be accessed by dialing 911. Non-emergency transportation is available by taxi. These situations are the financial responsibility of the student.

Students may also visit Med Check Urgent Care in Hatch Plaza, 389 Tenney Mountain Hgwy, Plymouth, NH.  603-481-8787.  Clinic hours are M-F 10am – 8pm; Saturday & Sunday 9am – 5pm.

Due to the chance that emergency care may be necessary, or other care beyond the scope of service at the Health Services clinic, students are strongly encouraged to maintain personal health insurance coverage while attending Plymouth State University.

Emergencies when Health Services is Open

In the event that a student is in need of emergency medical care while at the Health Services clinic, the following plan is put into action.

Emergency Medical Care Definition

The need for emergency medical care is defined as any condition in which an individual’s life is threatened or the person risks permanent impairment. Examples include, but are not limited to, respiratory or cardiac arrest, spine injuries and possible fractures.

 Emergency Procedures

The Health Services staff immediately contacts EMS.

If needed, other Health Services staff are called in to assist.

Life-saving techniques are initiated, if necessary.

When contacting EMS, have the following information:

  • Name, address (12 Merrill St.), telephone number of caller
  • Condition of patient(s)
  • First aid initiated by Health Service staff
  • Specific directions to emergency scene
  • The 911 caller will HANG UP LAST.

An ambulance from the town of Plymouth responds

If the student lives on-campus, Campus Police respond

If the student lives off-campus, Town of Plymouth Police respond

Following the Emergency

Document the emergency

The Campus Police contacts the Dean of Students Office for all on-campus student emergencies to report the information