Billing & Fees

The University does not waive your student health fee; and this fee does not replace health insurance.  It covers the cost of your visits to the Student Health Service clinic as well as services at the Michael L. Fischler Counseling Center on campus.  Patients or their personal health insurance will be charged by Speare Hospital for outside services such as lab tests, X-ray, etc.


The following charges are not covered by the Health Fee.

Test performed at Health Services and Sent to Outside Lab

  • Pap Only  $66.00
  • Genprobe Gonorrhea  $86.00
  • Vaginal Culture  $64.00
  • Urine GC and Chlamydia Probe  $84.00
  • RPR (blood test)  $16.00
  • HIV (blood test)  $39.00
  • Herpes Simplex Virus Types I & II  $126.00
  • Culture and Sensitivity  $64.00
  • HPV  $67.00
  • Affirm  $102.00

STI Fund:  Available for a student to use once per school year.  Check with Health Services for availability.

Fund prices:

  • Genprobe Gonorrhea  $17.20
  • Urine GC and Chlamydia Probe  $16.80
  • Herpes Simplex Virus Types I & II  $25.20  
  • Affirm  $20.40
  • RPR  $3.20
  • HIV  $7.80
  • HPV  $13.40

The billing process is as follows:

  1. Lab fees are added to your Student Account Services bill and will not indicate what tests were done. You will need to check your  account online.
  2. Bills can be prepaid. No one can get any personal information as to what test was done without your written consent and only those you have given access to your student account can view the charges.
  3. You may request an itemized bill indicating what tests have been done.

Other Items and Materials that are Charged by Health Services

  • TDap injections
  • allergy syringes
  • influenza testing
  • Mantoux testing
  • unreturned crutches

An itemized bill can bill can be provided on request.