Prescription Medication Refill Policies

Information for students who intend to use PSU Health Services to obtain medication for behavioral health conditions such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc.

For an existing diagnosis we require:

  • Records from the prescribing practitioner with requests from them that we prescribe your medication while you are a student at PSU.
  • Psychiatric/psychological interview (when available) including childhood symptoms and cognitive testing when applicable (i.e. memory, IQ, or attention tests).

If you have never been diagnosed with any of the above, but are considering treatment:

  • Make an appointment with the Counseling Center (603) 535-2461 for evaluation.
  • Individuals who are recommended for medication will be scheduled to meet with a prescribing provider at Health Services.

General Notes for Behavioral Health Medication

  • Appointments can be made with Health Services by calling (603) 535-2350.
  • The initial intake meeting takes 45 minutes.
  • A once per semester check is required with the provider.
  • All documentation must be received before initial appointments can be made.
  • Visits to Health Services are covered under the Health Fee. Should you choose to use another provider in the community, you should check with your Insurance company for a list of covered practitioners.
  • Support services are available from the Counseling Center (603) 535-2461.