Start A Movement! Cluster Project

Learn more about this Innovation and Entrepreneurship cluster project entitled:
“America has Stopped Moving: How to Start a Movement!”

Project Summary: The Start A Movement cluster project overarching theme was to move students minds, hearts and feet to realize their personal passion, purpose and plan for their lives. An opportunity to rise up and take a stand for a new way of thinking, moving and living, moving towards a life that is vibrant, energetic, connected, positive and “on the move”. The participants in this project were challenged to flex their creative brains and imagine PSU as a place where everyone is moving more, sitting less and thriving.

Future Recommendations/ Lessons-learned: We have learned from the literature that physical inactivity is directly related to increased risk of chronic diseases. We have also learned that health promotion efforts and the promotion of increased physical activity improve health and well-being. A strategy that capitalizes on social networks to reinforce physical activity behavior in community settings is social support.

The Start A Movement cluster project did just that! It provided an opportunity for the students to consider their own personal health and fitness goals and “why” these goals are important to them while supporting those around them. Students experienced collaboration, peer networking, social support and movement while participating in this real-life National wellness partnership with the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA). Students participated in meaningful discussions related to the On the Move on-line/mobile platform while sharing what resonated with them. More importantly, the students expressed considerations to engage current and future students.

Future considerations to engineer physical activity into the social norm and lifestyle of college campuses include; expanded opportunities through intramural, fitness, outdoor and club sports, support for a campus built environment that encourages community-based approaches to physical activity, further education through on-line social networks that provide educational curriculum from leading experts about the links between physical activity and increased learning capacity, good mental health and overall wellbeing. The topics from the On the Move Monthly curriculum and the on-line platform could be introduced through first year experience and/or through Healthy PSU health and wellness initiatives for all students, faculty and staff to promote school spirit, friendly competition and build social connectedness. The Start A Movement project enriched the well-being of the participants while building knowledge and experiences to enhances future programs and/or university engagements. PSU looks forward to continuing this National partnership and the momentum established to move more, sit less and thrive by implementing the On the Move University National Challenge at PSU in the fall of 2017.

Student Testimonial:
“The On the Move platform is a social media based way to get yourself, as well as your classmates, friends, teammates, etc. motivated to have a healthier lifestyle. I loved that I could connect my Fitbit to the platform. Using the platform motivated me because I was able to see my progress. I could see the numbers growing each week and I enjoyed being able to see what place I was in compared to other people. I am a very competitive person and it was a reminder to make sure I was to stay in the lead! The workshops allowed to bond my teams together and have another collaborating experience that was beneficial to our health.”- Kayla Wyland, PSU Elementary Education Student ‘17

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