PSU Summit Day Cluster Project

Project Accomplishments Summary Statement: The PSU Summit Day Healthy PSU cluster project partnered with the faculty experts from our Adventure Education Department to engage participants in a group physical activity, hiking outdoors with a purposeful intention. This project provided an opportunity for individuals to strive towards the summit of a given mountain while experiencing physical activity in the natural environment. The participants were introduced to trail hiking techniques, safety and equipment needs, physical activity assessments, proper nutrition and hydration, medical questionnaires, journal reflection and continued access to the On the Move Monthly on-line platform all of which prepared them for a safe, one-day hike in a group setting. The participants were observed directly in both, indoor and outdoor environments. The project brought together a multi-disciplinary team of faculty, staff, students, alumni, community members and external partners to promote healthy living that inspired collaboration, leadership and community-building.

Future Recommendations/ Lessons-learned: The PSU Summit Day project is entrepreneurial, innovative, incorporates experiential learning and leadership that aligns with the vision of PSU. The project enriched the well-being of the leaders and participants while building knowledge and experiences to enhances future programs and/or university engagements. The experiences gathered from the On the Move initiative and PSU Summit Day have inspired a sense of community building and social connectedness at PSU like no other programs we have implemented. It is clear that the participants of PSU Summit Day connected outdoor physical activity with their own personal growth as well as those they interacted with during the hiking experience. Given the success demonstrated by the PSU Summit Day cluster project, the organizers hope to continue PSU Summit Day as a “new” PSU fall tradition for our entire campus community to participate starting potentially in 2017.

Project Documents/Pictures/Videos On-line Archive:
PSU SUMMIT DAY 2016 Highlights Video

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PSU SUMMIT DAY – Trail Techniques Training Session

PSU SUMMIT DAY – Ten Essentials Training Session

PSU SUMMIT DAY 2016 – Featured in J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. Living Right Newsletter June 2017

PSU SUMMIT DAY 2016 – Cluster Project Poster