Health Care Cost Management


1. Take advantage of Tandem – a new service where all you have to do is prior to scheduling any outpatient test or procedure, call their toll-free number (1-866-797-4100) and they will find the lowest cost provider/outpatient facility in your area. If you choose this provider, a Tandem nurse will assist you in scheduling/re-scheduling your appointment and even mail you a financial reward for participating in their services. This is a win-win service! For more information, see their website: Tandem Care

2. Get to know your benefits:

  • Learn more about the USNH Benefits for Health and Wellness 2016.
  • Did you know you could be getting rewarded with gift cards for the physical activity you already do? Did you know that you can get health education and fitness memberships reimbursed? Learn more at: USNH Wellness Connection
  • USNH Employee Assistance Program (EAP) manage by APS Healthcare:Everyone needs help from time to time dealing with life’s challenges. Often it’s not the unexpected that catches us off guard. It’s more likely to be the predictable events and transitions in our lives—things like starting a new career, marriage, the birth of a child, the challenges teenagers present, or buying a house—that find us unprepared. When you feel like you need help dealing with a situation that is troubling you, call: EAP at 1-800-424-1749.Visit the Employee Assistance Program to locate a mental health professional, or access the library and online resources. Login is required.
    Note: Enter “USNH” as the company code.