This month we would like to spotlight “Team Library” – a group of 14 participants from the Lamson staff who  are leading the way with PSU Walks – Healthy PSU’s new walking program. They began wearing pedometers in the month of February and have been monitoring their daily steps.

In the month of February, the 14 participants collectively walked 1,738,719 steps! And a special congratulations to the top three participants of that group who are truly becoming PSU “walk stars” –

  • Angela Ricciardi (367,071 monthly steps):

“Because I have a desk job, I try to get creative about ways to keep myself moving. I will walk to someone’s office across campus instead of sending an email. I removed the printer from my desk and instead use the one on the other side of the PASS Office. These are little changes, but they make a difference in how I feel throughout the day. That walk from Lamson to Hyde Hall gets me out from behind the computer screen, gives me a little boost of energy, and helps clear my mind.”

  • Joyce Bruce (365,142 monthly steps):

“I find that being part of the HealthyPSU walks program keeps me motivated to do all the walking I can daily. I am always trying to think of little changes I can make in my daily routine that will put on more steps. For instance, I always buy my post office stamps one at a time…as needed.  That way I have to walk that horrible hill every time I have a letter to mail. And, after working so hard to improve my overall health by walking every day, I am even more determined to make sure that the food choices I make are all contributing to better health also.  Knowing I am not alone in the effort to be healthier helps my determination to keep on working at it and remembering that every little step counts.  So, it’s great that we have a team effort going here at the library.”

  • Jane Weber (268,502 monthly steps):

“If I have an errand or a meeting outside Lamson and have a few extra minutes afterward, I’ll walk around campus to clear my head. The extra oxygen infuses me with energy for the rest of my workday. The exercise also makes me sharper!”

For their efforts and participation, the whole group will be rewarded with an exercise psychology consulting workshop in early April and Healthy PSU water bottles. Additionally, those who are tracking their physical activity on the Harvard Pilgrim Wellness Connections website (all benefited employees can do this) are receiving monthly gift cards in the mail. Most importantly, they are all noticing a better quality of life and health benefits as they make strides toward becoming more physically active!

Any other employees who may be interested in forming a group, getting free pedometers and getting involved with PSU Walks, please contact Barbara McCahan at