Values & Vision

Our Values

  1. Development of a healthy workforce requires strategies that include multiple levels of the social ecological model, including: interpersonal, institutional, community and policy levels
  2. Individual health behavior change requires informational, behavioral and policy/environmental interventions
  3. A health and wellness campaign built through community member engagement (community-based) has the best chance for acceptance and success
  4. Cross-cutting intervention strategies towards benefit cost containment include:
    1. Education towards a clear understanding of benefit plan designs and alternatives
    2. Opportunities for informed choices for health care
    3. Collaborative efforts towards benefit cost containment.
  5. An effective campaign makes healthy choices easier and more accessible, encourages employees to transition from extrinsic to intrinsic incentives, and contributes significantly to employee satisfaction and productivity
  6. Worksite wellness initiatives are most effective when coupled with the engaged support of employees’ health care providers

Our Vision

  1. Positive participation by employees and their families in interventions that impact knowledge, attitudes, discourse and behaviors regarding health and health care management
  2. Interventions at multiple levels of influence for a culture of health that is sustainable at a neutral cost
  3. Institutional endorsement of policies and environmental changes that provide support for a culture of health
  4. Collaborative support by employees’ health care providers
  5. Demonstrable improvement in health behaviors and engagement with cost containment efforts