Vision & Values

Our Vision:

Healthy PSU believes that inspiring a culture of health on campus creates sustainable, comprehensive, holistic and integrative systems that support health and wellbeing. Improving these systems affects academic and career success, building lifelong learners and leaders through collaborative, cross-cutting interventions and innovations that impact knowledge, skills, and attitudes around healthy behaviors that last. Ultimately, empowering healthy living practices that extend beyond the Plymouth State campus.

Our Values:

We believe that Healthy PSU has the best chance for success and persistence that will be achieved through:

  1. Working at multiple levels of influence to support healthy lifestyle choices and behaviors,
  2. Building and sustaining institutional policies aligned with the mission of Healthy PSU,
  3. Supporting individual and community health and well-being through evidence based and promising practice grounded in scientific inquiry,
  4. Approaching intervention strategies at multiple levels of influence: intrapersonal, interpersonal, institutional, community and public policy,
  5. Engaging students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members throughout the planning, implementation and evaluation phases of this work,
  6. Making the healthy choices the easier choices through increased accessibility, improved policy adaption, increased intrinsic motivation and satisfaction,
  7. Focusing on promotion & prevention efforts at the university through population-level initiatives that enhance individual, group and institutional health, safety and quality of life,
  8. Creating collaborative approaches to Health PSU in order to mobilize our diverse and interdisciplinary campus and community partners toward collective action,
  9. Believing that educated and engaged health care consumers ultimately leads to controlled costs of health/medical care for everyone, and
  10. Supporting comprehensive health and wellness initiatives and policies in order to positively enhance employee and student recruitment, retention and overall satisfaction.