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Why PSU? Awards of Excellence

Award Descriptions:

Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) designates Plymouth State University as a Platinum Well Workplace!

Plymouth State University (PSU) has been designated by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) as a Platinum Well Workplace after successfully meeting rigorous health promotion standards, clearly demonstrating our commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of our most valuable assets—our students, our employees and the NH communities we serve. By achieving this designation, our organization has been recognized by WELCOA as one of the nation’s healthiest organizations in 2016. Our award winning, Healthy PSU research-based organizational health and wellness program has been key to distinguishing PSU as leaders and innovators in building a healthy environment. PSU is the only University and one of eleven organizations across the country in 2016 to receive WELCOA’s platinum well workplace designation, among elite organizations like, The Mayo Clinic Health Care and Kimberly-Clark Corporation. Maintaining a results-oriented wellness program, like Healthy PSU requires top-level support from our President and leadership team, a dedicated group of wellness champions and healthy living ambassadors, on-going data collection, an operating plan, community-driven interventions, a supportive, health-promoting environment, consistently evaluating outcomes and being innovative.

American Heart Association Fit-Friendly Worksite Innovation Acheivement!

The American Heart Association is honored to recognize Plymouth State University for achieving the Fit-Friendly Worksite Innovation 2016 award. This award is given to a worksite that achieves all criteria for gold-level recognition and leads the development and implementation of innovative, effective programs that promote physical activity specifically in the workplace. The physical activity innovation that was submitted was PSU Summit Day as the innovative project idea after feedback and outcomes generated from our employee’s participation in the WELOCA National On the Move challenge which encouraged our employees to move more, sit less and thrive at work!

The American Heart Association’s goal by the year 2020 is to not only reduce the rate of death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke by 20 percent, but also to improve the heart health of all Americans by 20 percent. Part of the problem is that the rate of obesity among adults continues to grow. This could be a result of how much time Americans spend at work — an average of 47 hours per week, which is 164 hours more per year than a generation ago. The number of sedentary jobs among Americans has accelerated, too, rising 83 percent since 1950.

That’s why the American Heart Association places such an importance on creating a healthy work environment, and why employers are encouraged to become recognized as a Fit-Friendly Worksite. Studies suggest that by starting a worksite physical activity program and promoting a culture of activity, employers can:
• Increase productivity
• Reduce absenteeism
• Lower turnover
• Reduce healthcare costs

American Heart Association Fit-Friendly Worksite-Platinum Level:
For worksites that fulfill all the gold-level criteria and demonstrate at least one behavior change, cost savings outcome or positive return on investment (as documented by supporting data).

American Heart Association Fit-Friendly Worksite-Gold Level:
For worksites that fulfill criteria such as offering employees physical activity support, increasing healthy eating options at work and promoting a wellness culture. Requirements for Gold level achievement are a minimum of 25 employees at the worksite, as well as implementing at least six of the physical activity criteria, two of the nutrition criteria and one of the culture criteria.
AHA Fit-Friendly Worksite Awards

WELCOA On the Move Top 25 Most Active Company Designation:
On the Move National Challenge engaged employees to move more, sit less and thrive in 2016. On the Move focused on fueling national corporate health initiatives to combat physical inactivity and initiate behavior change. The challenge engaged employees with on-line educational resources, behavior change incentives, social support and, of course, movement. Eighty-four organizations representing nearly 80,000 employees participated in the 12-week online challenge during April, May and June. According to WELCOA, On the Move has been shown to cut sedentary behavior in half and revolutionize worksites for physical activity—over 80 percent of employees who complete the challenge say they will continue to be active over the long term. To see the full leaderboard, visit

DISH the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) Top 100 Health Promotion Professional Award:
DISH is where your big ideas can become winning ideas! DISH is all about competition, learning and recognizing the best of the best. By being a part of DISH, you can keep your finger on the pulse of the world of health promotion. Read what others are DISHING out about the industry’s best practices, new ideas, and innovative thoughts, share your thoughts by voting for the best entries or DISH out your own ideas and reap the rewards. Winners are chosen by a panel of industry leaders. Denise Normandin, RD, LD-WELCOA Top 100 Award Recipient 2014