Teacher Education Program

Physical Education Teacher Certification Program

Physical education teachers provide a necessary service to the youth of our generation. When life-threatening diseases related to sedentary lifestyle are more prevalent, the teacher can educate students about the concepts and skills needed to live a healthy lifestyle.

Goals and Objectives

Complete overview of the Teacher Certification Program Goals and Objectives

  1. Prepare candidates with content, skills, and knowledge of physical education.
  2. Provide teaching experiences that incorporate growth and development concepts.
  3. Develop active members of learning and professional communities.
  4. Develop candidates who foster teaching/learning environments that respects diversity.
  5. Develop candidates who are effective managers and organizers of the learning process.
  6. Prepare candidates who are able to plan a K-12 content balanced program.
  7. Develop candidates with technological competencies to motivate students, enhance teacher instruction, and assess student learning.
  8. Develop thoughtful and reflective practitioners.
  9. Develop candidates to become effective agents of change through advocacy and professional associations.
  10. Prepare candidates to be effective communicators and role models.