Why Choose Our Physical Education Teacher Certification Program?

PSU Conceptual Framework for Teacher Education

“The conceptual framework for teacher education at Plymouth State is a shared set of beliefs and attitudes that serves as the foundation for each education program. The framework clearly identifies for faculty, staff and students the core values that we share as a community” (2007-2008 PSU Catalog). These are integrated throughout our course of studies, community service and practice teaching experiences. The core values of the conceptual framework are;

Commitment. We define commitment as dedication, perseverance and responsibility, both individual and social. Our candidates are committed to lifelong learning and to increasing self-knowledge. They are committed to the beliefs that all students can learn, and that education has the power to transform individuals and the greater society. They take a critical stance towards themselves and their profession.

Holism. Our holistic perspective involves affirming diversity, understanding the “whole child” within the family, community and cultural context, working towards an integrated curriculum, and explaining how we as educators are shaped by our experiences and our culture. The holistic perspective shapes our larger vision.

Experience. Experience is putting theory into practice. We provide opportunities for experiential learning that serves communities and schools so that our candidates can do the same for their students. Experience also involves lifelong learning and constantly renewing skills and knowledge within one’s discipline through practice.

Collaboration. Collaboration is working with students, families, and colleagues effectively towards shared goals, showing respect and openness towards diverse perspectives, and confronting and resolving conflicts effectively and respectfully. Collaboration enhances both teaching and learning, and is an essential part of developing the capacity to lead.

Knowledge. Knowledge is understanding of theory, content, methods and materials and technologies of one’s field, and understanding of child and adolescent development, learning processes and motivation as these are shaped by culture. Teaching that engages all learners combines knowledge of students and one’s subject within the cultural, social and institutional context.


This program is certified at both the state and national level by the New Hampshire Department of Education (DOE) and the
National Accreditation of Colleges of Teacher Education (NCATE). Graduates who complete this program are eligible for K-12 certification in the state of New Hampshire.

Professional Service

The PE TC and PE.HE TC program is committed to providing opportunities that will allow candidates to contribute within their professional world. During each of the candidate’s four years at Plymouth State University, one course devotes a section toward professional development. Examples include but are not limited to 1) attending, presiding, presenting at campus, state, regional, national conferences, workshops, institutes; 2) submitting articles to campus (Council of Teacher Education Newsletter, state (NHAHPERD newsletter, and regional (EDA Express).

Community Service / Service Learning

The PE TC and PE.HE TC program is committed to providing opportunities whereby candidates contribute to the surrounding communities. The purpose of these experiences are to 1) ‘give back’ to the community in which they are presenting living, 2) promote ‘town/gown’ relations, and 3) provide opportunities for candidates to interact with various segments of the population.

During each of the candidate’s four years at Plymouth State University, one course devotes a section toward community service / service learning.

Affiliated New Hampshire Schools

Plymouth State recognizes the importance of early, continued professional field experiences. It collaborates with New Hampshire’s public school systems to enrich the educational process for all those involved – candidates, faculty and content supervisors.

The Physical Education teacher certification program works with dozens of schools, K-12, throughout New Hampshire in various capacities. Early micro-teaching opportunities are located close to the campus. Student teaching, the final culminating experience for the candidate, uses locations throughout the state.

Employment Opportunities

  • Physical Education teacher, Public Schools, PK-12
  • Physical Education teacher, Private Schools, PK-12
  • Physical Education and Health Education teacher, Public Schools, PK-12
  • After School Programs

Several former graduates have commented that they did not choose or left the teaching profession since the years leaving PSU. Regardless of where they have found success, they credit the teacher certification program in providing the skills, and dispositions to enter the workforce.