Dhane Knakkergaard

Dhane Knakkergaard ’14

I graduated from PSU in 2014 with a degree in Adventure Education, although I originally thought I was going to Major in English. During my time at Plymouth, I was the SOAR (Student Outdoor and Recreation) coordinator for the Outdoor Center and led trips for White Mountain Orientation programs, which is where I met my wife. After leaving Plymouth State I went across the mountains to North Conway to work for the Appalachian Mountain Club. I started working with Teen Wilderness Adventures in the summers leading backpacking, climbing, and canoeing trips for youth age 12-18. In the off months I filled out my seasonal work Guiding and leading Environmental Education Outreach Programs in Northern Coos County, all through the AMC.

After a brief stint out in Utah, my partner and I quickly realized how much we loved the Northeast. The rivers, trees, four seasons and the abundance of incredible outdoor recreation opportunities within an hours drive. So, we re-located back to North Conway where I was hired as the full-time guide at the AMC’s Highland Center. For 2 years I was blessed to work with many diverse groups ranging from the Wounded Warrior Project, to REI Adventures, to Inner City Outreach.

In early 2019 REI began moving forward on opening their first store in Northern New England, and the first of it’s kind within the co-op. I was asked to be the Senior Instructor, where I have happily been developing and leading programs that show visitors the grandeur of the Northeast since May. Plymouth State connected me to an industry I would otherwise never have known about, and I still reflect on the lessons I learned in the very same rivers and forest that keep bringing me back to New England.