History, Philosophy, and Social Studies Education

The Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Studies Education is dedicated to offering students courses and experiences that will expand their mind and broaden their understanding of the world.  We provide students with opportunities to sharpen their ability to analyze skillfully and communicate effectively. Students gain a firm foundation for a variety of fields including (but not limited to): law, education, libraries and archives, museums, business, governmental service and non-governmental organizations, journalism, research agencies, and non-profits; as well as for graduate school.

The department’s faculty is active in research, writing, and other academic activities that enhance teaching.  We offer three rigorous undergraduate degrees: a BA in Philosophy, a BA in History, and a BS in Social Studies Education. We also offer minors in History and Philosophy.  Beginning in 2015-2016, we will offer a minor in Applied Ethics.

Congratulations to all our students who were honored for Academic Excellence!

Brianna Arico, Spencer Barss, Alyssa Boehm, Ethan Brown, Kyle Cipollone, Sandra Ferris, Mary Grace Flint, Sarah Gelotte, Jonathan Gunby, Will Hatch, Matthew Howe, Cody Jacobsen, Christopher Kelley, Brenden Lafleur, Ryan Lappetito, Kenneth Louzier, Joshua McLeod, Jocelyn Myrdek, Zachary Stephenson, Andrew Towne, William Tracy, Tyler Tumblety, Jessica Vigneau, and Emily Weed