What Is National History Day in New Hampshire?

National History Day New Hampshire logoNational History Day (NHD) is an educational program which encourages middle and high school students to celebrate their skills as historians and exposes them to the processes, sources, and complexities of historical research.  Nearly one million students participate nationwide.  For information on the national program, visit the National History Day site. New Hampshire’s program has been hosted by PSU since 2003.

Co-curricular or extra-curricular, NHD succeeds in proving true the axiom: learning by doing. Working as individuals or in groups, students (grades 6-8 and 9-12) choose a topic relating to a nationally established annual theme. Students investigate their topic, develop a thesis, and interpret primary and secondary sources to apply it to the national theme. These students then bring history to life in meaningful ways by presenting their project in one of the four formats. For more specific information, visit the National History Day New Hampshire site:

“I’ve made great friends with colleagues from different schools; I’ve developed strong, lasting, positive relationships with students who compete. Many former participants still stay in touch with me.” — A New Hampshire teacher